So, as you may be aware, I have already done a 2019 BuJo set up. However, I broke my bloody bullet journal, heart-breaking, I know. I’ve got no idea how. I had a little break down about it, but then I picked myself up, got my butt on Amazon, and ordered a new BuJo.

I then asked those of you who follow me on Twitter if you’d want to see my new set up, and you were all for it. So, here we are, with my second (and hopefully last) 2019 BuJo set up.

This is set up differently to my last one which you will see, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

As with my last 2019 BuJo, I started it off with a year to view calendar, but instead of a quote this time, I just put 2019 on the opposite page with some fireworks.

I then went on to do my Future Log, which is massively different to my last future log set up. But I really like the layout of this one, and I feel like its super simple but very colourful at the same time.

This was followed by my goals for the year. I saw this set up on Pinterest and I loved it so I’ve replicated it in my BuJo. I have split it into four sections; Blog/Vlog, Books, Adventures & Work. This means I can keep an eye on all my goals on one page, inside and outside my blog.

I then did a blog post ideas page with a small section at the bottom for a brain dump. I decided to give myself more room for my blog post ideas as I was filling my last one up quite quickly.

This was then followed with a similar layout to the previous page, but this time with YouTube ideas and a smaller section for Wins of 2019. At this rate, that section may need another page! HA

I then did a full 2 page spread for my movies of 2019. These are movies that I go to the cinema to watch. I love this layout, it really worked for me last year, but I wanted to give myself a bit more space this year.

I then did an Instagram ideas page, this was something I came up with on a whim. Sometimes I think of ideas for photos that could be really good for Instagram posts so it’s nice to have somewhere to jot those down. This is followed by a quote that says, “Sometimes we just have to let things go”.

My final two pages are my 30 For 30 Reatathon TBR. As it turns out, there are 31 books on this list *eye roll* I added a book for 1989 which is the year I was born, so in theory doesn’t really count. But after putting it to vote on Twitter, I’ve decided to keep the book in the TBR. I also did a Year in Pixels page. I’ve seen these quite a lot in other people’s journals and I thought, why the hell not, might as well give it a go.

So, there you have it, my second BuJo set up for 2019.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Another BuJo post shall be out again very soon so keep your eyes pealed if you enjoy these posts.

Steph xoxo