Happy New Year and welcome to my 2019 bullet journal set up.

I am so excited I’ve gotten to start the year with a fresh new bullet journal. This year I went for a Scrilibro journal in grey. I love the colour of it and the thickness of the pages and the fact I have two bookmarks in it as well.

So, my first couple of pages layout is a quote from the film Coach Carter, originally written by Marianne Williamson. I adore this quote and think it’s a perfect way to start my bujo. Opposite this I have a year to view calendar.

My next couple of pages are my future log and my 2019 goals page. I find the future log useful for writing down birthdays, anniversaries, important dates, holidays. So handy to have these at a glance.

I then followed this with a social media tracker. I didn’t have one of these in my last bujo but I like to keep track of my social media stats and I think this is a brilliant way of doing so.

My next two pages are my blog post ideas that I might get throughout the year or at an inappropriate time in which I can’t write the post there and then (happens often) and also a brain dump page.

This is then followed by my books read and films watched (at the movies) trackers. I adored filling these in last year, so I wanted to do it again this year.

I spotted the idea for this “save £1000 in 52 weeks” layout on Pinterest and thought it was a brilliant idea, so I replicated it in my bujo. I’m excited to try and save more money this year and I’m hoping that this will help me a lot. I also did a “Wins of 2019” page on the opposite side. I really enjoyed filling this section in with my last bujo so I wanted to carry this on into this bujo.

Finally, I have my YouTube ideas page followed by a quote from my late ex-boss who passed away in October 2018. The quote is “Life is Beautiful” and I thought it would be a nice reminder of him and to help me through darker days.

And that is my simple but effective 2019 set up.

I shall be doing my monthly layouts again at the beginning of each month showing the previous months layout all filled in.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Steph xoxo