Another year older, another year closer to 30! Now, there’s only one year left for me to complete my Bucket List. I have been ticking things off, slowly but surely, as the year has gone on; however, I have come to realise that some things may need slight alterations, or even, complete changes… this would be due to new circumstances within my life, money issues, or just that I’ve changed my mind about something. However, the following will now be my final Bucket List for the year ahead! 🙂

I hope that you all enjoy this…

  1. Start a collection – MARVEL … my collection, so far, consists of movies, books, and Funko Pops!

  2. Pay off my credit card debt | Make a list of 30 things that I like about myself – I decided to change this one since a change in job has made it impossible for me to pay off all of my credit card debt before my 30th birthday. This was just as much a mental health-based decision, as it was a finance-based decision.

  3. Set a reading goal – So, my initial goal was to read 50 books, which I have already done. So, I wanted to redo this challenge with a new goal… this is called – “30 For 30 Readathon”. Essentially, I will be reading one book for every year that I’ve been alive – from 1989 to 2019 – which comes to 30 books in total. I have my “To Be Read” list, and you can check out what’s on it in my vlog, here.

  4. Get another piercing/tattoo – I have managed to smash this one, already. I got a new piercing in February of this year.

  5. Take care of my body – Lose 30 lbs.

  6. Visit Amsterdam.

  7. Learn some Spanish.

  8. Write in a journal – This is something that I have really gotten into, this year with my Bullet Journal! I just love to write and doodle in it, and it makes journaling so much more fun!

  9. Write 30 handwritten notes/letters/postcards.

  10. Write a Will | Start my APC – I’ve decided that writing a Will would be much better suited for my “40 Things Before 40” Bucket List… more time (and probably a bit more necessity) for it, then. Starting my APC is much more appropriate at this point in my life, I think.

  11. Do a 30-day Challenge.

  12. Do a 5K event | Visit Harry Potter World – I decided to change this one since, in all honesty, going to Harry Potter World is much more my kind of thing, compared to a 5K event! Also – I can combine a mud fight and a 5K event with a Cancer Research’s Pretty Muddy event.

  13. Volunteer for a good cause.

  14. Get my fortune read.

  15. Buy some stocks | Watch all of the James Bond movies – I have absolutely no idea what I’d be doing with stocks, and I think that this is also something that I should push onto my “40 Things Before 40” Bucket List!

  16. Get in a mud fight!

  17. Visit 30 countries – 22 down, 8 to go | Binge-watch a really old TV show – Let’s face it… working full-time and having limited money means that visiting 8 new countries during the next year will be practically impossible; therefore, I decided to change this goal, as well. And, I know that a lot of you will be like, “Well, you could do countries closer to you, pretty cheap.” However, I have already visited Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Portugal, etc. So, yeah, it wouldn’t be too easy for me to nail that one (i.e. visit 8 more countries in the coming year).

  18. Go on a motor bike – This will be as either a rider, or a passenger.

  19. Go rock-climbing | Arrange a proper Girls’ Day Out – I have become very aware – whilst doing yoga – of my lack of upper body strength, and therefore, I’ve changed this one due to knowing fully well that I’d absolutely hate doing it (i.e. rock-climbing)! Also – I have since nailed this (i.e. the replacement goal), as me, my sister-in-law, and one of my best friends had a Girls’ Day Out while shopping and having lunch, only last month. 😀

  20. Host a big dinner party, and cook everything by myself – Nailed this one! I made Chinese take-away for my parents, my brother, my brother’s wife and her dad (back in August)… and, it was fantastic! There was lots of praise for my food, and I really enjoyed cooking for that many people!

  21. Start up a business | Be in a job that I love – For several reasons, the original goal wouldn’t have worked out… one of the reasons being a lack of experience, and another being that I have made a bit of a career change, recently, and therefore, starting up a business wouldn’t be likely.

  22. Throw myself a birthday party This will no doubt probably be my 30th | Do something different for my birthday – I decided to change this original goal, as I looked into throwing myself a birthday party, and found out that it’s ridiculously expensive to do! Not only that, but I ALWAYS have had a house-party for my birthday; therefore, I’ve decided to slightly alter the format and theme.

  23. Learn to meditate.

  24. Have savings – I am shocking with regards to saving money! It doesn’t help that I own my own house and live on my own; but, yeah, I’m terrible at saving… so, this is something that I would like to get better at, and have a nice pot of money by 30 (if possible!).

  25. Go to an ice bar.

  26. Binge-watch a NEW TV show – Nailed this! I binge-watched Pretty Little Liars in the space of about 2-3 weeks, and absolutely loved the show!

  27. See a psychic.

  28. Watch IMDB’s Top 250 Films | Watch my list of 102 films – I decided to redo this one, as IMDB’s Top 250 Films list changes, constantly, and – in all honesty – I’m not that interested in some of the films on that list. Therefore, I have made up my own list of 102 films, which I am interested in watching.

  29. Do one thing that scares you – I fear needles… so, my goal will be to donate blood.

  30. Make a list of “40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40”.