Are We Nearly There Yet? by Lucy Vine. Thank you to Orion Publishing for sending me this book to read and review.


Alice is turning thirty and is stuck in a rut. Her friends are all coupling up and settling down, while she’s still working as a temp, trying (and failing) not to shag her terrible ex, getting thrown out of clubs, and accidentally sexting her boss…

She decides to throw caution to the wind and jets off on a round-the-world adventure to #FindTheFun and find herself. Of course, she’s no more likely to find the answer to true happiness on the beach in Thailand than she is at the electric beach in Tooting, but at least in Thailand there’s paddleboard yoga.

Can Alice find happiness on her travels? Or is she more likely to lose herself all over again…?

My Review

I was immediately intrigued by this book once I’d read the above synopsis.

As an almost 30-year-old, single woman, still unsure of her career path and what she’s doing with her life, I related to this book and Alice so much. As it turned out, Alice was running away from more problems than we’re initially led to believe, but I can completely understand it. When everyone around you is coupling up, having babies and settling down, it can be hard not to retreat to familiar things, even when they’re bad for you.

Are We Nearly There Yet? Is laugh-out loud funny, witty and perfect in every way. Lucy’s writing is amazing, and I’ve already purchased another one of her books – Hot Mess – for me to dive into.

I don’t think I can gush over this book enough. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I gave Are We Nearly There Yet? 5/5 stars and highly recommend to those who are fans of Lindsey Kelk, Mhairi McFarlane, Veronica Henry and Sarah Morgan.

Are We Nearly There Yet? – Release date 27th June 2019.