Welcome back to my Bullet Journal (BuJo)!

Last month’s related post seemed to go over so well; so, I thought that I would start to do monthly posts about my BuJo, showing you the previous month’s layout and anything else that I put in there during that month.

So, here we have it – August…

My August cover page was something simple, and yet elegant (if I do say so myself!); this is one of my favourite pages in my BuJo, so far. Opposite the cover page are my Monthly Goals, all of which, as you can see, I was able to achieve… thanks to every one of you for the support! 🙂

The following page was about the first full week of August. This is a bit like my organiser and diary, at this point. I write down what I have coming up, and then, fill it in after the day’s events with anything that may have happened… what movie I went to see, any goals that I reached, what I might have done during that night, etc. I continued the UP! theme on this page with the balloons to the left and the green from the leaves on the cover page.

My next page is my Mood Tracker. I chose to use lightbulbs for this month… no reason for that; I just saw the idea on Pinterest and thought, “Why not?!”

I enjoyed filling this out; it’s great to see how my mood is throughout the month. And – as you can see – I was nervous on the day when I started work, and have been tired, ever since! Ha!


Again, another weekly layout… I’ve also been writing down when I have started reading a new book. I’m getting back into reading a lot more, now, and I have a goal of 20 books to read for the year. So, this helps me to keep track of when I started something, as well as about using Goodreads.

The next page is my Christmas Presents List page. Personally, I don’t think that it’s ever too early to start Christmas shopping. I have quite a few people to buy for, and I like that if someone comes up with something that they may want or if an idea comes up about a present that I could get, I can jot it down in my BuJo to refer to, later.

This next page is a Quote page with the lightbulb theme carrying on; it has my 102 movies to watch before I’m 30. You can find my 30 Things Before 30 post, here, but this will be reviewed on my birthday, this year. I have changed a few things, one of them being – IMDB’s top 250 films. The list is constantly changing and, in all honesty, I don’t want to watch a good chunk of them. So, I have made my own list up, and this is it.

Another weekly layout…

And, last but not least, I did a Healthy Snacks and an August Favourites page (you can check that post out, here), and also a One Line A Day page. I loved the idea of the latter-mentioned page; I really enjoyed filling it in, and it helps me to look back on the positives of the month and realise just how much I’m doing (even when I don’t realise it!). I think that this is a page that I might carry on into my 2019 BuJo (monthly).

Well, there you have it – my August BuJo layout! I hope that this gives some of you that have been interested in starting a BuJo some inspiration. And, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post! 🙂 xoxo