Another month… and another “favourites” list! Can you believe that it’s September, already?! Crazy!


Small Businesses

I think that it’s important to support small businesses, wherever you can and as much as you can. I have quite a few friends who run small businesses (nail technicians, hair stylists, etc.), and despite the fact that I may go elsewhere for these services (due to prior commitments), I will always do my best to support them, somehow, whether it be liking their page on Facebook or sharing a post for them. The littlest thing can make a huge difference!


She In The Home – Eek… I’ve been so excited about this one! This shop is run by a pretty special friend of mine – over in Omagh, Ireland – named Becca. She’s bloody beautiful and has the funniest, craziest, most amazing personality! I’ve been excited about this shop going live, ever since she told our Whatsapp group about it, a month or two ago.

Becca is selling homeware and accessories – including notebooks, mugs, cushions, and more – with the intention of expanding her stock, should the public want it.

Of course, as soon as the shop went live, I got my butt there and purchased this gorgeous cloud cushion and a beautiful mug. The quality of these items is amazing, and I can’t recommend them enough! The prices are also very reasonable; so, I recommend that you get yourself onto her website and see if anything tickles your fancy, there.

You can find Becca’s shop, here, and follow She In The Home on Instagram, here.


Dorkface – I’ve been following this gal for a while – on Instagram and Twitter – and I’m obsessed with her InstaFeed! So beautiful and bright! Anyway, Jemma runs a shop on Etsy, selling all kinds of different things – pins, bookmarks, artwork, greeting cards, stickers, planner sheets, custom portraits, and much more.

I’ve been watching Jemma’s Instagram stories a lot, recently, as she’s been painting much more, and I find that to be very therapeutic. How excited was I when it turned out that one of my favourite paintings, which I’d seen her do, was for sale?! I messaged Jemma straight away, and it was still available; so, I snapped it up! And now, it’s hanging perfectly in my home, and I absolutely love it!

You should check out Jemma’s shop! She’s got some gorgeous bits, and she’s such a beautiful girl who’s great at getting back to you (should you have any questions or queries).

You can find Jemma’s shop, here, and follow her on Instagram, here.




Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow – See my review for this book, here.


Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – I made the decision to “listen” to this book on Audible (which is not something that I’m going to go into too much detail now, as I am doing a separate blog post about that).

I did, however, absolutely love the book; I think that it’s probably the funniest one that I’ve read, so far! Ron is probably one of my favourite characters to have ever lived in the wizarding world. Not a single complaint to be made by me!

I give it a 5/5 rating.


Happier Thinking – I was sent this book by the author – Lana Grace Riva – in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s great! I read this book in one sitting, as it is only 50 pages long. The book has been written to help one realise that changing how one thinks is possible. It helps you to look at certain scenarios, and instead of seeing the bad, to try and see the positives. I really enjoyed reading this book. I realised that I was already doing some of the things that are suggested in the book – with my Bullet Journal – and this made me smile! But I also realised that there is a lot more that I could be doing, too.

I don’t think that this is the kind of book that you would read, just once. It’s the kind of book that you might carry around with you, especially if you’re going through a hard time or if you’re mentally in a bit of a difficult place. It’s the kind of book that you can get out of your bag at any time, find the chapter that you need, and give it a read, while instantly making yourself feel a bit better and a bit calmer. It is one book that should be on your shelf, if not in your bag.

I give it a 4/5 rating.




Mission Impossible 6 – I went to see this with my dad, at the cinema. WOW! I’m a huge fan of Tom Cruise… always have been and always will be! And, I’ve always enjoyed the Mission Impossible films; this one did not disappoint! My dad even said, “That is probably the best one they’ve ever done” (as we were walking out of the cinema)… pretty bold statement, but I think that I may agree with him!

I would absolutely recommend this film, and I give it a huge 5/5 rating.


The Equalizer 2 – Denzel Washington! Let’s face it – you can never go wrong with Mr. Washington! I always enjoy his films, and I absolutely LOVED the first Equalizer. I enjoyed this one, just as much. Rather than there just being one storyline – like there was in the first film – there are several storylines going on in this sequel. I walked out of the cinema, feeling pretty smug about the fact that I’d watched another “just as good as the first one, if not better” follow-on with regards to a film that I love.

Another 5/5 rating granted!


The Spy Who Dumped Me – Absolutely hilarious! I went to see the unlimited screening of this film with my dad, and I laughed from start to finish. I always love a film that can get the whole movie theatre laughing, and this was one of them. Although my dad did enjoy the film, I do think that this would be a great one to see with your girlfriends!

I’d recommend this film, and I’d give it a 4/5 rating.


Christopher Robin – I had been waiting for this film for the longest time. And I absolutely loved it! I laughed, I cried… and I feel more in love with Winnie The Pooh and his friends than I already was! I think that it’s clever that they have brought Pooh and his friends to life (and not just animated) and that they have aimed the film at adults, as well as at children!

However, I am left feeling a little bit disappointed… and I can’t decide if that’s my own fault, or not. You see – Saturday before last, I watched Goodbye Christopher Robin, which is also bloody brilliant. This story tells the tale that Christopher Robin went to boarding school, and then went to fight in the war (after being a little boy and being in his dad’s books with Pooh, of course). In Goodbye Christopher Robin, A. A. Milne is still alive at that point (and Christopher is a young boy when he goes to war). However, in Christopher Robin, A. A. Milne dies whilst Christopher is in boarding school, and Christopher goes to war at a much older age.

Now, I’ve done some research, and it would appear that the accounts of the story are more accurate in Goodbye Christopher Robin than in Christopher Robin… A. A. Milne didn’t pass away until he was in his mid-70s.

Had I not watched Goodnight Christopher Robin, maybe this story alteration wouldn’t have bothered me. However, that isn’t the only reason why it bothers me. The main reason is – this is a true story… well, the story of A. A. Milne writing books about his son, Christopher Robin, and his bear, Pooh (not that Winnie the Pooh is real, of course!). Therefore, I feel a little let down by the fact that they have actually changed apparent truths within the story, in order to make the film work. Had A. A. Milne not died, as early as he did in Christopher Robin, perhaps the story wouldn’t have worked like it did…

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film; I’d watch it again, and I will be buying it on DVD, because it’s Winnie the Pooh! 😀

For the reasons stated above, I’ll be giving this film a 3.5/5 rating.


TV Shows


Bodyguard – A brand new BBC drama. And what a drama it is! 2 episodes in, and I’m hooked! The programme is advertised as – “A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.” I can’t comment too much on it, as the show is only 2 episodes in; however, what I can do is say this to you – if you aren’t watching it yet, get yourself all caught up because it’s fantastic!


Sharp Objects *WARNING: Programme goes into mental health issues of the following kind – depression, self-harm, and anxiety (while also touching on alcoholism). Programme may cause triggers; so, please do not watch alone or at all, if this could affect you!*

I watched this programme out of curiosity, and for the fact that I love Amy Adams. I thought that it was very odd, intriguing, and well-written, and that it portrayed and covered a lot of issues that are rarely talked about openly.

The programme is advertised as – “A reporter confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to cover a violent murder.”

One thing that I will say is – the warning that I have inserted above is my own warning. There is no official warning at the beginning, middle or end of the programme. I do think that the producers/directors/whoever is concerned have messed up with regards to this. Personally, I believe that the show could be an unpleasant “trigger” for some people, and I think that this should have been addressed (like they did with 13 Reasons Why, for example).

However, I did think that the show was good, and despite the strangeness and slightly disturbing nature of it, I did enjoy it. I would recommend it!