I absolutely love autumn and winter… mostly for the exciting things that go on, but also for the fashion! I love big jumpers and dresses with tights… and, those two are the perfect seasons for me, as far as fashion is concerned.

So, today, I want to share with you – some of my autumn favourites, right from my own wardrobe…


I love to wear jumpers with a tank top underneath, paired with either leggings or jeans… and some boots. I sometimes wear jumpers over skater dresses, too, thus giving the impression of a “jumper and skater skirt duo”.

I bought these two beautiful, fluffy, comfy jumpers from Tesco, the other day… the mustard-coloured one was £18, and the grey one was £14.

I bought this off-white jumper from Primark, a few weeks ago for £10. As you can see, here – I have combined this with a black skater dress, tights, and some heeled boots.

I also bought this mustard, white and grey-coloured jumper from Tesco… 25% off, so £15 instead of £20; absolute bargain! I usually combine this with a pair of leggings… or it, again, could be paired with a dress or a skirt.

And, finally – my Gryffindor jumpers… obviously they’re going to make an appearance with me! I bought both from Primark; can’t fully remember how much they cost, but they’re both super comfy, and I spend most of my weekends in these jumpers!


I love dresses and – for that reason – I wear them, all year round. I just add tights during the colder months.

I also love the scoop-neck long-sleeved swing dresses from Boohoo that are each for £15… they’re comfy and can be worn during any time of the year. I have one in black, and I fully intend to get some more in different colours, later this year.

This jumper skater dress from Primark is currently my favourite dress of the season, after I picked it up, the other week. It was £10, and it’s both comfy and a gorgeous colour! It also comes in grey, by the way. This dress could be worn with or without tights; I usually wear it with tights and some black heeled boots.


I wouldn’t usually go for dungarees, but I found this dungaree dress from Tesco, last year, and it’s now become one of my favourite things to wear. I will usually combine this with a jumper or a long-sleeved t-shirt, some tights, and some ankle boots.

My favourite colours for the season of autumn (and even winter) are – burgundy, mustard, dark green, and black… I’ll wear almost anything in these colours during the colder months!

What are some of your fashion favourites? Let me know in the Comments section, below. 🙂