Eek! Christmas Eve… I’m so excited!

My Christmas Eve prep always starts, first thing in the morning… I pack my case, as I always spend Christmas at my parents’ home. So, I tend to stay there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and then come home on Boxing Day evening. I also pack all of the presents into the car, leaving my Christmas Tree looking a little bit empty, underneath (which always makes me feel a bit sad!). I then drive over to my parents’, usually singing along to Christmas songs – especially “Driving Home For Christmas” by Chris Rea, which is one of my favourites.

Once at my parents’ house and settled in, I waste no time in helping my mum out in the kitchen whilst my dad is usually having a “tidy up” in the office (watching The Great Escape or Lawrence Of Arabia, and stealing carrots and spouts from our pans!). We cut all the vegetables up and put them in pans, then we ready, prep and stuff the turkey; and I will usually also make a Slimming World Toffee Chocolate Chip Cake for our buffet on Christmas Day evening. We will also prep anything else that may be needed for the buffet (like gammon, pasta salads, etc.).

I will then help my mum tidy the house up… dusting, sweeping, hoovering, mopping. We will also set the dining room table up – ready for Christmas dinner, the next day… placemats, mum’s special Christmas dinner plates, cutlery, crackers, etc.

Once all of this is done, I will usually go and take a shower, get into some Christmassy PJs, and get ready to settle in for the night.

We will then order Chinese takeaway (as we’ve been cooking, all day), light some festive candles, and afterwards – me, mum, dad and Denver (our golden retriever) will curl up on the sofa to watch a Christmas film or two.

Before going up to bed, mum will always leave out a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa, plus a carrot for Rudolph. It’s true what they say – you’re never too old for the magic of Christmas!

I truly love Christmas, and for me – it’s all about spending quality time with family and friends (which is exactly what I do throughout the holidays!).

I hope that you all have sweet dreams, tonight, and have had a lovely Christmas Eve, too!