Welcome back to my Bullet Journal (BuJo)! This is the final month with regards to this BuJo. As it turned out, I just about had enough pages to fit the month of December into, meaning that I can start 2019 with a fresh BuJo (which is exciting!).

I know that I am posting this, a lot earlier than I normally would, but I didn’t want to inundate the month of January with several BuJo-based posts, as I will be introducing my new BuJo, next year.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the final month of my current journal – the final month of the year, and my FAVOURITE month of the whole year!

We ended November with these two pages, kind of putting an end to November but also providing a big start to December… I liked the simplicity of these pages, and I decided to not add any colour to them for that reason.

We then have December’s Goals and the Cover Page… again, reasonably simple with only a slight splash of colour. I got my inspiration from Pinterest for this layout… I thought that it was cute, and I ADORE the Christmas lights!

I then decided to do a Monthly layout… I don’t usually bother with these because I rarely use them, but with it being my birthday month and the month of Christmas (and with me doing blogmas/vlogmas), I wanted to make sure that I had someplace where I could see everything that I have going on. So, I decided to do a Monthly layout where I could record all of my appointments, my Christmas parties, my birthday celebrations, other Christmas celebrations, and all of my blog/vlog posts, as well.

The 1st and 2nd of December were included in November’s last Weekly layout; so, the first Weekly layout starts off on the 3rd of December. As you can see, here – my birthday is the 4th, and I decided to do a half-page for this day. I am planning to use this page – for the 4th – to record what I did for my birthday and (on the other side) what I received for my birthday.

The following pages are my Christmas Lights Mood Tracker and another “Movies Watched In 2018” layout… I have officially filled my last one in; so, it was time to draw up another, even though we are coming towards the end of the year.

Following this, I did another “One Line A Day” page… I enjoyed filling this out in August, and I decided to try it, again for December before fully committing to doing this for every month (in my new BuJo). I do find it quite satisfying! Sometimes, you can have such an overwhelming/bad day that, unless you’re forced to think about it, not one good thing could possibly have happened to you, that day! In actual fact, something good probably did happen, and it might have been something as simple as seeing a really cute dog, or receiving a compliment from your boss about your work, or receiving a nice comment about a photo from someone that you admire… I do think that this is a good mental exercise. Opposite this page, there is a quote… and, I do always love a good quote! 😀

This is followed by another Weekly layout… it’s different from the previous one, but this one then carries on throughout the rest of the month.

Then I have a “Books to read in 2019” page followed by another funny little quote. Which I think sums me up perfectly.

This is then followed by another Weekly layout… “IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMASSSSS!!!”

Following on from this is the layout of the Magical Readathon: Christmas At Hogwarts (running from December 17th to the 26th)… if you want to get involved with this, please check the link, here for the video from G (at Book Roast), which explains everything that you need to know about it.

I followed this with a December TBR page so I can keep up to date with what I have read and what I have left to read.

IT’S CHRISTMASSSSS!!! My Christmas Week Weekly layout!!!

And, finally, a quote and a drawing to end my first ever Bullet Journal, and to bring December to a cute little end!

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed seeing this Bullet Journal! And, I’m really looking forward to introducing you to my new BuJo, in January.

I’d love to know what your favourite bits of this Bullet Journal have been – in the Comments Section, below. There are some things that I will be copying over into my new Bullet Journal – including the way that I keep track of the movies that I watch at the cinema, the Disney drawing that I did during November, my “30 Things Before 30” list, and my “102 Films To Watch” list.

I love you ALL! Thank you, as ever, for reading and being amazing!