So, here it is – my first ever official Book Review.

I’m really excited to write this!

This book is told via a dual narrative, in which we meet Stevie and Hafiz. Stevie – a fourteen-year-old budding musician – is living with and caring for her mother who is struggling with severe depression after the death of Stevie’s father. Due to her depression, Stevie’s mum can barely get out of bed and cannot work, so they both rely on welfare to survive. Stevie is looking after herself, as well as her mother, and the only things that are keeping her going are a book of songs (with vinyl records) chosen by her father and her guitar. First day back in school, after the holidays… and Stevie meets new boy – Hafiz.

Hafiz is a talented footballer and a refugee from Syria. When the war breaks out in Syria, Hafiz’s parents use their life savings to buy Hafiz a safe passage to Europe – to eventually live with his aunt and uncle in England. His journey was anything but easy, and once he starts school, he becomes a victim of racism and bullying – stemming from a fear of refugees and terrorism. His ache for his parents (along with his homesickness) grows, but so does his friendship with Stevie…

For many reasons, I loved this book. My first and favourite reason would be – Stevie’s love for music… and not just any music, but 80’s music! The book of songs that her father gave to her has some of my favourites in it, and every time that a song was mentioned in the book, I would play it, just to try to get a sense of how Stevie must have been feeling.

The second, and probably most important, reason why I loved this book was – not only was it such an amazing story of friendship and hope, but it also dealt with so many things that are going on in the world today that aren’t being addressed enough (or properly)… refugees, isolation, racism, the Syrian crisis, bullying, mental health, poverty, and young careers.

This wouldn’t be my usual kind of book! I decided to give it a read, mainly because of Stevie’s love of music. However, this book had me in tears, and then laughing in the next chapter… completely shocked, and then beaming with happiness! It’s so beautifully written, and I truly believe that there is a lot to be learned from this book.

I give Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Siobhan Curham a 5 out of 5 rating.