Since posting a tweet about the following subject the other day, it’s become clear to me that this is quite a big thing for bloggers in the blogosphere – announcing to your friends and family that you’re a blogger.

As a blogger, I like to post about the places I’ve travelled to, fashion, interior design, health & wellbeing, but sometimes, I like to blog about general everyday things going on in my life. This alone can make it very intimidating to share your blog with friends and family.

What are they going to think? Should I have put that on there? Will they hate me for sharing our stories? Did that actually happen, or did I dream it… again?

You start to question everything you’ve ever written and your entire being as a blogger.

I didn’t make the decision to tell my friends and family about STEPH LOVES lightly. I thought about it for several weeks before finally taking the plunge. Honestly, I hated keeping it a secret from them. They could see I was happier, but they didn’t know why.

You see – blogging has become a big part of my life very quickly. When I started writing, I wasn’t expecting anyone to read it; I was hoping people would, but wasn’t expecting it. However, I’m really enjoying sharing my stories and apparently, so are other people. I’ve made some really good friends on Twitter within the blogosphere, and honestly, the support from other bloggers / complete strangers is second to none.

So after several questions about whether or not it was a guy that had put the smile on my face, I decided to come clean to my parents about my blog. Not only because I wanted to but because I was sick of them asking about the guy… for crying out loud, there is no guy! They were a little blasé about the whole thing at first (probably gutted because there is still no guy!), until I told them that I’d had a couple of companies in contact with me for collaborations and that I’m going to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog. All of a sudden I was their hotshot blogger daughter! Although they’ve still not asked if they can read something! HA. The story is pretty much the same with my brother, although he has asked about the kinds of things I’m writing about; so he’s showing a bit more of an interest.

My next step was to go public – to friends. I made the decision to do this via a post on my personal Instagram as I use this Social Media platform quite a lot.


At this point, I was really nervous and thought I’d made a big mistake. Should I have shared my beloved blog with my world?

The point at which I realised I hadn’t made a mistake came a couple of hours later when I received the following message by way of an Instagram DM from a friend:

“Only recently found your blog, thoroughly enjoy reading it. Quietly cheering on the side-lines for you always xxxxx”

What a diamond! Despite the fact that we haven’t been close for a long time, she still went out of her way to send me this message of support, knowing it was a big deal for me to do what I’d done and that I was probably worrying.

Girl, you know who you are, and I hope you’re reading this. I love you; you’re a star and I’m so lucky to have you!

My overall experience with informing my friends and family for the first time that I’m a blogger has been a bit of a mixed one to say the least. Despite the fact that they haven’t all jumped for joy and thrown me a party with lots of Prosecco and chocolate (because that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?), they haven’t been negative or horrible about it either, and that’s all a girl can ask for.

Personally, it has been a weight off my shoulders and I don’t regret doing it one bit.

If you are thinking about divulging to all your friends and family (re: blogging), I would recommend doing it, along with the following advice:

  • Make sure it’s really what you want to do. Once it’s done you can’t take it back. It is a really good feeling, but don’t rush your decision; do it in your own time.
  • Think about how to do it. You can be creative, a bit like me doing it on my personal Instagram. Or you could just mention it initially to a few select friends via text to test the water.
  • Make sure you ask them to read one or some of your posts. I didn’t specifically do that and now the longer I wait to ask them to read something, the worst I feel. It makes me nervous for the day when they actually do. So whilst you’re nervous about how they’re going to take the news, add a little bit more nervousness that day and ask them to read a post or two. Get all the nervousness out of the way in one go.
  • If a friend or family member is involved in a post, show them that one first. It’s a little like bribery but it’ll get them on side 🙂 One of my friends said she didn’t realise how much she was involved in some of the things I post about on my Instagram. She’s been really interested ever since! I’ll be doing a post about a holiday we had together later on this month; so I’ll be making sure she gives it a read.

So there you have it… my “affirmation as a blogger” story.

I hope you all enjoyed. And if you have any Affirmation As A Blogger stories, leave me a comment below, I’d love to read them.

Steph xoxo