Ever purchased an item of clothing and loved it that much that you bought more than one, or you bought it in every colour it comes in?

I do this every time!

I think for me, it’s more to do with the fact that I don’t often feel comfortable in some clothes but I do in others. I’m on my journey with losing weight and learning to love myself but some days are harder than others, and it’s the same with clothes.

Give me a skater dress, tights and heels over jeans and tee any day. I very rarely wear pants. They are an item of clothing I rarely feel comfortable in due to having wide hips (child bearing hips as my mum calls them) and thick thighs. I struggle to find a pair of pants that even fit me properly.

However, all that changed this week!

You see, Boohoo is one of my favourite online stores; the majority of my wardrobe is from Boohoo.

So its 9pm on Monday night and I’m scrolling through Boohoo’s website looking for a couple of outfits for this weekend as I have two birthdays to attend – and we all know you can’t wear the same outfit twice right?

So I’ve got a couple of dresses, a tee and a couple of skirts in my basket when I come across the ‘Tall’ range on the website. Now this range is for ladies 5’7” and taller (they also have a petite range for 5’3” and shorter). I am 5’9”, so this piqued my interest. I decided to have a quick look, and whilst on there, I came across what turns out to be life-changing trousers! That’s not even an exaggeration.

Tall Eva Skinny Crepe 2 Pocket Trousers!


That’s the name of them. Now, clearly, the lass on the website is a few sizes smaller than me. But, I think to myself, you know what, there’s no harm in trying, so I purchased a pair in black.

10am the following day and there is a knock on my door from the delivery lass dropping off my new clothes. OH MY GOODNESS! They are the comfiest (and longest) pair of trousers I’ve ever worn. Suitable for all occasions. Work, going out (smart / casual) for any occasion basically.

So, I did what any normal person would do at this point who’s just fallen in love with a piece of clothing and I ordered another pair in black as well as a pair in stone.

They arrived yesterday and I love the stone ones just as much.

Totally over the moon with my find and I wanted to share it with you all. It’s totally changed my wardrobe (and maybe my life a little) and only for the bargain price of £12 each as well.

Thank you Boohoo for making my week. #allgirls