Welcome back to another BuJo post. I am really hoping at some point that I’ll be able to make a bit more time for my BuJo and make it a bit more fun like last years.

At the moment it is serving a purpose but that is all, and because of this, I don’t seem to be using it as much, which is a shame because I love filling it out and having fun with it.

The following layout is a little bit messy and a bit bare towards the end of the month as I hadn’t used it much, however, I am hoping to get back to it.

So, I started the month off with a “Chapter 2 of 12” page and a “February” page. I kept these simple adding minimal colour and I really like how they have come out (despite the bit of bleeding on the February page)

Following this, I have February’s mood tracker. I decided to do planets this month. I did these in last year’s bullet journal, and I loved filling them in. I also have my new “blog & vlog schedule” page which as you can see, a few things changed.

This was then followed by my February reads and my first weekly layout. I managed to read 19 books in the month of February which is pretty awesome and made a fair dent in my 100 books yearly goal.

The next couple of pages are weekly layouts for weeks 7 and 8. During week 7 I was taking part in several readathons, Feminist Lit Feb, Blackathon and Contemporary-a-thon, so I used my notes box as a To Read list.

These pages are followed by a quote from the book Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye that I thought was a nice quote. Also, my February Favourites page. I thought this would make it easier for me to remember my monthly favourites when I come to write the blog post.

And finally, week 9’s weekly layout, which is a little different from the other layout I have previously been using. I saw this layout in someone’s bullet journal on Instagram and really liked the look of it so I thought I would give it a try.

As I mentioned above, I haven’t used this journal much recently, but I am hoping that will change.

I hope you have enjoyed this post nonetheless. 😊

Steph xoxo