Welcome to my February Favourites. I’ve decided I’m going to do this for every month. It’ll basically be a post of all my favourite things that month. Outfits, food, films, books, make-up, interiors, etc.

I have picked two favourites for each category as I couldn’t decide on just one.

I hope you enjoy!


The first is my new flowery dress from Tesco that’s already been featured on a couple of posts on Instagram (yes, I like it that much). It’s very comfy, and so flattering, and all for the bargain price of £16. Shoes are also from Tesco, also £16.


The second outfit is my hen do outfit (not my hen do, my future sister-in-law’s). Dress is called Eva Square Neck Midi Skater Dress from Boohoo for £20. Heels are from New Look for £27.99.

Picture featuring future sister-in-law.


Black Panther: I absolutely loved this film. It surpassed my expectations and I felt it really gave a new dimension to the Marvel universe. I’d definitely rate it 5/5.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: I almost missed this film. It’s only by chance that my dad was watching the BAFTAs the other night and saw Frances McDormand win her award for best leading actress, as well as the film winning several other awards. He then mentioned it to me the next day at work and said we shouldn’t miss it. So off we went to watch it, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, I was going in completely blind, which is something I hardly ever do. However, I was not disappointed. This film has amazing screenplay, outstanding acting and a perfect balance between drama and comedy. I was gripped from the beginning and I’m not really too sure if it’s actually let me go yet. It’s the kind of film that leaves you thinking even long after you’ve left the cinema. I’d definitely recommend it and rate it 5/5.


Black Milk, Manchester: I have a friend from my old job and our friendship revolves around food, dogs and GIFs. Anyway, said friend and I went to Crazy Pedros in Manchester for pizza one night. Once we’d finished we both really fancied a dessert. So my friend suggested Black Milk. I was a Black Milk virgin. But my goodness, I’ll be going back again. I ordered the Unicorn Mountain Sundae, which consisted of unicorn ice cream, marshmallows, party rings, candy floss and raspberry sauce (I asked for mine without cream. Not a fan of cream). And it was delicious! I was in heaven. Not only was the dessert amazing, but so was the décor in the shop! Interior designers’ dream!


Amores, Westhoughton: This is a relatively new cafe that has opened up in my old town of Westhoughton, Bolton. I haven’t been inside it so I’m not sure what it is like. However, I was spending the evening with my future sister-in-law and two of my closest friends whilst my brother was on his stag do. We’d had chippy for tea (no judgement please!) and out of nowhere, one of my friends suggests we should get waffles from Amores. I was like “what is this magical place, waffles delivered to your house? I’M IN!”

So I ordered the Magical Unicorn waffle (I may have a slight obsession with unicorns) and it was absolutely amazing. Despite the fact that it is preferred that this one is eaten at the cafe, I presume due to presentation, it tasted amazing and didn’t look too bad considering I put the ice cream, ears and horn on myself.

The Magical Unicorn waffle consisted of waffle topped with Slattery’s white chocolate buttons, white chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, pink and purple hundreds and thousands, edible paper ears, Slattery’s white chocolate horn and edible glitter spray.

The photo does it no justice; it was outstanding.

Interiors / Decor

I came across several interiors this month that blew my socks off. I’ve put them all on my Instagram so you can check them out there, but I think my favourite two have to be:

 Crazy Pedros ladies’ toilets: such a random choice, but I think it’s such an amazing, original decor choice. I honestly haven’t seen toilets like this before in my life.

My beautiful new Pancakes and Prosecco in bed cushion cover (from Coconut Lane) on my recovered Ikea chair from my mum’s farm.


I hope you enjoyed some of my February Favourites. If you haven’t seen the movies, I can’t recommend them enough. If you fancy some desserts, check out my new fave places. Get inspiration for interiors / decor from anywhere, including the ladies’ toilets! 🙂

Steph xoxo