January has been and gone and it hasn’t been a forgiving month to say the least.

Undertaking dry January has meant it was a very long and rather painful month. In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ve really felt many of the benefits of dry January. I haven’t slept any better (in fact my sleeping pattern has been horrendous), I’ve only lost a total of 0.5lbs all month, that’s with regular exercise and a good diet (I follow Slimming World), my face is a mess, broken out in spots and red cheeks (admittedly this probably isn’t helped by my lack of sleep). So I’ve not really felt any better off being dry for the month, other than saving a bit of money. Buying Pepsi Max instead of alcohol can sometimes cost just as much as a wine *rolling my eyes* but it’s done; I completed the challenge, and I’m proud of myself. Obviously I treated myself with a glass of wine!

I also spent the majority of the month fighting a cold and chesty cough. It seemed to go on and on. And I had a migraine earlier that month which wasn’t great. My first migraine in months.

HOWEVER, it’s not all been bad. Some of the upsides to January have been planning and finalising my sister-in-law to-be’s hen party (which is this month, eek!), I had my helix pierced at the beginning of the month (number 4 of ’30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 bucket list‘ ticked off), I’m going back to Krakow in June with my mum and I’m so excited, and I watched The Greatest Showman 4 times (Yes this is a highlight of my month). If you haven’t seen this yet, you must go and see it. I’m obsessed. So much so, I’m seeing the sing-a-long version at the end of February 🙂 SO excited!

So it’s had some ups and downs, but I’m glad we’re leaving January behind and going into February.

Apologies to you all for my lack of posts. As you can see I’ve had a bit going on but I’m hoping to sort myself out and become much more active on here and on my Instagram.

I’m wishing you all the luck and happiness for the 2nd chapter of your 2018 in whatever ventures may be coming your way. Keep smiling! 🙂