Happy 1st Birthday Steph Loves

A different kind of post for you all, today! You see – it’s the first birthday, today for Steph Loves (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Blog!); so, I thought – what better way to celebrate this than to do an “A-Z” about Steph Loves (and Steph)! 🙂

I saw this format on Just Sarah’s blog, and I thought – why not? So, here we go…



I love going on adventures, whether it’s just days out or going away on holiday! But this word mostly reminds me of Winnie The Pooh, and I love Pooh Bear. He’s always off on an adventure with his friends while getting into all kinds of bother; he’s adorable!



In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I LOVE to read. Unfortunately, I don’t usually get enough time to do it. My TBR list is huge; however – like any normal booklover – I’m constantly buying even more books! I love buying second-hand books from charity shops and giving them another chance on someone else’s bookshelf (and another chance at filling someone else’s life with happiness!).



Cuddles is my teddy bear. Yes… I am 28 years old, and I own a teddy bear! I’ve had Cuddles since my first Christmas (I was 21 days old, then). And, he is still with me… he’s balding and very old, but he’s my “pride and joy”!



My parent’s golden retriever – Denver – is 2 years old, and is a fluffy tornado that brings chaos into our lives. However, I love him to pieces, and he also brings so much joy and happiness into our lives (along with lots of laughs!). Here are a couple of pictures of the cheeky little pupper for you to enjoy – 🙂




I’m ALWAYS eating! I love to eat pasta, cake, Chinese, pizza, burgers… but I swear – I do like healthy food, too!


Family & Friends

The most important people in my life! As clichéd as it sounds, I literally have no idea where I would be without these people… I certainly wouldn’t be the person that I am, today. I love these people to the moon and back, and I couldn’t live without them.



I’ve really gotten into genealogy, recently, and into trying to find out information about my ancestors. I’ve been using Ancestry for about a month, now, and the information that you can find there is amazing. I’d highly recommend using it, if you’re planning on looking into your family history.



I absolutely love my hair! Over the years, it’s been all different kinds of colours. I am naturally a brunette, but right now, I’m ginger… and, I can’t imagine being any other colour, again! THANK YOU to my sister-in-law for being my amazing hairdresser and for keeping my hair so beautiful and fresh!


Interior Design

I love interior design. My home was a wreck when I bought it, but over the years, it has become so beautiful! I love spending time in my home, and having people around for parties or for drinks and food. My home is my happy place, my baby. And, I did all of the interior designing by myself!



I love my journal, too. I’ve cheated a bit with this one because it’s actually my bullet journal. But I love filling in this journal; I’m having the time of my life with it and I can’t get enough of it. If you’re interested, you can check out my blog post about my BuJo, here.



This is something that I always try to spread. It doesn’t cost a thing, and it can make you and others around you feel so much better whenever you share it.



I have so much love to give, and I’m so happy that my friends, family, movies, books and blog are receiving it, right now. But I would like to have a special someone to share it with, at some point, too.


Movies & Music

I couldn’t choose between these! I’m a huge “film buff”, as my dad calls me. I love movies – watching them, telling people about them, etc. I’m obsessed! My DVD collection is about 450+ strong and still growing. I’m very “old school”, and if I really love a film, I’ll buy it and add it to my collection. I also have an unlimited card for Cineworld, and I go, at least, once a week with my dad to watch a movie. 🙂

I’m also obsessed with music… another trait that I get from my dad. I’ll listen to pretty much anything, but my favourite kind of music is probably – 70’s rock.


New York City

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! I love NYC; it’s my favourite place in the world, and I would move there, tomorrow if I could. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world! If you’ve never been there, I would absolutely recommend going!



Yep… that’s me! I have all of my blog posts planned out until mid-January, and about 40% of them are finished or, at least, started. I don’t think that this really needs any more explanation! Ha.


Powerpuff Girls

My sister-in-law, my best friend and I are in a Whatsapp group that we’ve named – the Powerpuff Girls. We all used to love this show, as kids, and we absolutely love the bones off each other. So, of course, this had to get a mention!



I also love quotes. I live my life by some quotes! I think that they can be so useful and powerful, especially in times of need.



Something that I try to do, at the end of every day… whether that involves – watching TV, reading a book, or just sitting in bed while flicking through Twitter.


Steph Loves

My beautiful blog! Since starting my blog, one year ago, I’ve become very obsessed with my blog and with sharing my stories and reviews with you all. I really hope that you’ve all been enjoying your visits to my blog, as much as I’ve been enjoying the writing of it all. And, THANK YOU so much – to each and every one of you who has supported me during my journey, so far!



I currently have 2 tattoos… but I really want some more!



I bloody LOVE unicorns! Mind you… who doesn’t?! They’re such beautiful mythical creatures, and I’m always awestruck by them.



I’m cheating a little, here! In the UK, we call this – “holiday”. However, I love my hair which I have used for ‘H’, and therefore, I shall be using “vacation”. I love going on vacation; I went to Krakow, earlier this year, and I have just booked a week away with some friends in the Lake District (for April next year). Travelling and vacations are good for the soul, and I think that they’re so important.



I love the season of winter! It’s my favourite time of the year… best fashion, my own birthday, Christmas, fairy lights everywhere, and so on!

Also – winter is coming! I had to say it! I love Game Of Thrones!



How hard is it to come up with a word that begins with “X”?!

I bloody LOVE Christmas! It’s within my favourite time of the year (which you will all discover during the coming months, I’ve no doubt!). It’s a time for family and friends and happiness… and, I can’t get enough of it!



I love Yoga, as well. I just really struggle to get to a Yoga class, these days for a number of reasons; but I try to do it at home when I can. It’s so good for the body, mind, and soul!



I do love the zoo. I rarely go, but I love it! However, this one is for the movie – We Bought A Zoo… I love this film; it’s my favourite feel-good movie, EVER! If you’ve not yet seen it, GO SEE IT!