I wanted to talk to you today about helix piercings. I had mine done about 7 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. If you’ve read my ‘30 things to do before 30 bucket list‘ post you’ll know that number 4 on that list was ‘get a new tattoo and/or piercing’ which I’ve now done.

I’ve wanted a helix piercing for the longest time, just never been brave enough to get it done. You see – I have a fear of needles; and pretty much anything that’s going to cause me immense pain! I’m a bit of a wuss if you will. Anyway, my best friend got hers done and it looked amazing and knowing I’d been wanting mine done, she messaged the guy that did hers and got me booked in the next day.

This piercing was much more than just a piercing to me. This was about doing something that would challenge me and force me to face my fears. A piercing would definitely force me to face my fears of needles, so off I went to get the piercing.

The guy that did mine for me was so nice and very calming, complimenting me on my hair when I walked in, making me instantly feel at ease with him. He was so friendly and he could tell I was nervous and scared. Checked with me to make sure I’d be okay and that I definitely wanted to go ahead. And then proceeded to pierce my ear.

It looks amazing and I love it but there are some things I’d like to share with you that I think will be useful and that I think people should know about the helix piercing:

1. Make sure you really think about which ear you want your helix piercing on. For whatever reason I decided to pick my right ear. Now it occurs to me that this may have been a mistake. Despite not causing me any real problems, there are a few little things that bother me. I sleep on my side in bed, both of them, but usually fall asleep on my right side. One of the main reasons for this is a dodgy left hip that I damaged due to a fall over 10 years ago which resulted in me ending up in an Egyptian hospital, but that’s another story. So I can’t lie on my left hip for too long. Also – my parting is on the left side of my head meaning I have more hair on the right. So any time I want to show my helix off and pin my hair up, it looks stranger than it would have done on the other side. So yes, think about which ear you’re going to have this piercing in prior to having it done.

2. If you do sleep on both sides like me, a nifty trick my friend shared with me is to sleep with your ear in between 2 pillows; this way, it is less painful and you aren’t lying directly on the piercing. This is obviously achievable if you’re single like me, but may be a bit trickier if you share your bed.

3. Clean it with boiling water (although cool enough for you to stick your finger in) and salt. Just try not to put too much salt in. It bloody hurts! And don’t clean it too much. You need to get to a point where you leave the scabs alone or else it’ll get infected and ooze puss! It’s gross!

4. Do your best to not play with it. I’ve been messing with my earring because I just can’t help myself and my ear has swelled around the piercing a lot more than my friend’s ear has. So don’t mess!

5. Be careful with the jewelry. My friend had a hoop put in her piercing, which is what is usually used at the studio I went to; however they had run out of hoops when I was having mine done, so he’s used a horseshoe earring. This looks pretty awesome but you do need to be careful with it. I’ve caught it on a number of times with my hair and my goodness does it hurt. So be careful with your hair, with brushing it, and remember it’s there when you’re getting out of the shower. Just this morning I rubbed my ear like I usually would after getting out of the shower COMPLETELY forgetting about my piercing. Wouldn’t recommend it, that’s for sure!

6. Also if you’re scared of needles like me, bear in mind that the bit I felt actually hurt the most was when they were putting the earring through. The needle going through just felt like a lot of pressure. But the earring going through was where the pain was. Not massive pain, but pain nonetheless.

So yes, I would recommend getting a helix piercing if you’re thinking about getting it done. It doesn’t hurt that much (that’s coming from a 28 year old woman who can’t go for a blood test on her own ’cause she passes out – zero pain threshold) but it’s totally worth the little pain there is and the faffing afterwards. Plus – it looks amazing, wouldn’t you agree?