Welcome to my June/July favourites! I haven’t done one of these sorts of posts in a while; however, over the last 2 months, I’ve been pretty busy and have had quite a bit going on… so, I’ve got some pretty good favourites to report on. I’ve decided to combine June and July for that reason.



Bakerdays letterbox cake – So I actually had a bit of a conversation (via email) with one of the marketing girls at Bakerdays, back in March, about doing a review of their letterbox cakes. However, at the time, I didn’t necessarily have anything to celebrate, and so, I didn’t pursue it.

Along comes July, bringing with it my dad’s birthday! He’s so difficult to buy gifts for, so – along with a DVD he wanted – I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to review one of Bakerdays letterbox cakes, and also get my dad a little something else for his birthday.

The website was very easy to work around (despite sending my order via email, I did use the website to choose a cake design), and the designs are very varied – something for every occasion! I told the marketing girl – Macy (Hi Macy!) that my dad’s birthday is on the 6th, and asked if it would be possible to have the cake by then.

The cake turned up on the 5th, which was perfect! Although the postman was able to hand the cake to one of us, it was packaged in such a way that it would fit through your letterbox and not be damaged when landing on the floor… hence the name “letterbox cake”… clever, huh?!

The cake was perfectly packaged, beautifully designed, and tasted delicious. I went for the Victoria sponge cake, as it’s my dad’s favourite, but they do have many different varieties.

The thing I love the most about this cake is the fact that it can be posted through someone’s letterbox! I always thought the idea behind moonpig.com and funkypigeon.com was outstanding… the fact that you can give someone a card without having to go and see them is great. And, this is a similar situation… only with cake! And who doesn’t love cake… right?!

I would absolutely recommend Bakerdays to anybody. I will definitely be using them, again; that’s for sure.



Wind River – I came across an advert for this movie, quite a few months back, and I was intrigued because the casting was – Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen (Hawkeye and Wanda from The Avengers… yes, I’m obsessed!), and from Taylor Sheridan (writer of Sicario and Hell Or High Water (two absolutely brilliant films)). So, when I saw this on the shelf at Tesco, the other week, I HAD to pick it up. And, I was not disappointed!

Elizabeth Olsen plays a rookie FBI agent who is tasked with solving the brutal murder of a young woman within a Native American reserve in the unforgiving snow plains of Wyoming. Local hunter – Jeremy Renner – is enlisted by Elizabeth Olsen to help her navigate the freezing wilderness and try to find the vicious killer that’s hidden in plain sight.

The film is based on actual events, and displays some shocking current statistics (before the credits roll), regarding the amount of missing young Native American women.

I can’t recommend this film enough! The day after I watched it, I recommended it to my parents and my brother, and they were all blown away by it (as was I).

“One of the best films of the year” – HEYUGUYS… and, I absolutely agree with this review!


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – YAY! I’ve grown up watching the Jurassic Park films, and when they did Jurassic World, I was so nervous and excited, and turned out not to be disappointed. Then came along Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and again – no disappointment! A few tears, but no disappointment! Chris Pratt, as ever, was outstanding (yes; another Marvel favourite!). Bryce Dallas Howard – again – outstanding and beautiful as ever (well, as beautiful as someone can be while running away from dinosaurs!).

The film was heart-warming, heart-breaking, funny, witty, and in some parts, down-right shocking. In this film, you find yourself massively becoming Team Dinosaur, and Blue becomes the movie-theatre sweetheart, once again.

I would recommend this film, especially if you’re a dinosaur fan. If you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, I would recommend watching that, first. In fact, best to just start from the beginning – with Jurassic Park from 1993.


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again – EEK!!! I’ve been waiting, 10 whole years for this film! Bloody hell; did I enjoy myself?! I was singing and dancing and laughing and crying, all sat in the comfort of my movie-theatre seat. I thought it was absolutely bloody brilliant!

One thing I will say is that this film is set, FIVE years after the events of Mamma Mia! However, it is 10 years since the first film. This was something I struggled to pick up on, initially in the film – whether it was 10 years later (like in real time), or whether it was less.

Outstanding cast – as in the first film – with a few extra people. This film takes a look into Donna’s past and how she got to the point of the first film. The directors have done an amazing job at picking who they did to play the younger versions of Donna, Rosie, Tanya, Sam, Harry, and Bill. And, my favourite scene is probably the one right at the end where…

Nope; only kidding! No spoilers here! You’ll have to go and watch it, and find out what I’m teasing you all about. Go on, you dancing queens… you know you want to!


Skin Care

Skinkissed – I was approached by Skinkissed, back in March to review their new facial serum. I was very intrigued, as I was looking for some new skin care bits and bobs; AND 20% of every purchase is donated to charities who provide help and care to children with mental disabilities. (I do love a company that helps support charities where possible).

So, I agreed, and I received my Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum. It is in a beautiful black bottle with a gold lid, and the serum itself actually smells really lovely. I’m always worried that some of these things can smell a bit funny, but this one is really nice. The serum is applied, twice a day – morning and night – and can even be used before putting make-up on.

I have been using this serum for several weeks now, and I have noticed a massive difference in my skin… it’s not as dry or red as it used to be, and I find that the serum can also be the perfect base for putting my foundation on top of.

I would highly recommend trying Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum, and seeing if it will become part of your daily routine (as it has mine).



I’m not going to go into too much detail on these, but I am going to tell you about my favourite reads during the last couple of months –

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – this is also my favourite, regarding the movies, too. I love Sirius Black – he’s such a great character!

One In A Million (by Lindsey Kelk – my all-time favourite author). I bloody loved this book; as ever, Lindsey did not let me down. I managed to pick this book up in an American book store in Krakow, of all places, and it wasn’t until I’d tweeted about it and Lindsey tweeted me back that I realised that it was a proof copy. I was so happy about this, and loved the fact that I was getting the chance to read this book before most people (not smug, I swear!). Thank you, Lindsey, for yet another fantastic book to add to my bookshelf!

Winnie The Pooh And The House At Pooh Corner – Again, I bought these whilst I was in Krakow. I’ve been the biggest fan of Winnie The Pooh since I can remember, and I love to read his stories. I can’t wait for Christopher Robin (the movie) to come out, later this year!

So, there you have it – my June/July favourites. I hope you all find something new and interesting here, and as ever, I hope you all enjoyed.