I received this book as a gift at the Headline New Voices Event in January 2019.

I was lucky enough to meet Sarah and have a conversation with her about her book, becoming an author and life. Sarah is such a down to earth, lovely person and I could have sat and chatted with her all night.

Last Ones Left Alive was probably one of the most talked about books at the event, by other bloggers I was speaking to as well as the other authors. They all said they really enjoyed the book and it made me even more excited to get my hands on it.

Last Ones Left Alive will be released on 7th March 2019


Watch your six. Beware tall buildings. Always have your knives.

Growing up on a tiny island off the coast of a post-apocalyptic Ireland, Orpen’s life has revolved around physical training and necessity. After Mam died, it’s the only way she and her guardian Maeve have survived the ravenous skrake (zombies) who roam the wilds of the ravaged countryside, looking for prey.

When Maeve is bitten and infected, Orpen knows what she should do – sink a knife into her eye socket, and quickly. Instead, she tries to save Maeve, and following rumours of a distant city on the mainland, guarded by fierce banshees, she sets off, pushing Maeve in a wheelbarrow and accompanied by their little dog, Danger. It is a journey on which Orpen will need to fight repeatedly for her life, drawing on all of her training and instincts. In the course of it, she will learn more about the Emergency that destroyed her homeland, and the mythical Phoenix City – and discover a starting truth about her own identity.

My Review

I loved the premise of this story. Simple but effective.

Apocalyptic stories are always about people trying to get to a place of safety, however, this one is a little different in that Orpen is a young girl who’s trying to save her guardian who has been bitten. This is a story of survival, with a twist.

Last Ones Left Alive is extremely well written, with the nice addition of some Irish slang to add to the experience. I really enjoyed this book. It had me hooked from the minute I started it and I didn’t want to put it down. It was fast paced meaning for an easy, fast read. I will definitely keep my eyes open for anything else written by Sarah Davis-Goff in the future.

I gave Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff 5/5 stars.

Steph xoxo