Welcome to my new Bullet Journal (BuJo)!

I kind of lost it, a little bit with my last BuJo and missed a few months; by the time when I was ready to come back to it, I’d fallen out with it. So, despite the fact that I know that this probably defeats the objective, a little bit (!), I bought a new one… and started afresh.

It’s turned out to be a really good thing, as I haven’t been able to put my new BuJo down since I started it; I’m so happy with how it’s looking! So, without further ado, here’s all about my new BuJo…

I found that I wasn’t really using the index and key in my last BuJo, so I made the decision to ditch them. However, the year-to-view and future log did make the cut! Yes; I was dropped on my head as a baby, and this incident “happened” again for a moment during which I thought that November came before October on my future log! We all make mistakes, though… right?! RIGHT?!

I then followed this with a “2018 Goals” page and a “Gratitude & Wins” page. I think it’s important, not only to have goals but to also be grateful and appreciative (and celebrate wins when we get them). I got the inspiration for this layout from Erica Louie, and the YouTube video used is here.

I then followed this with my cactus Instagram tracker (which I loved from my previous BuJo) and a “Quote” page. I like to have little quote-filled pages because I’m the kind of person that can live her day (or life!) via a quote.

This was followed by “Blog Ideas”, “Places I’ve Been” and “Brain Dump” pages. I thought that these would be useful for jotting down ideas, memories and things bothering me, as well as things that I shouldn’t forget.

These next two pages are my favourites in the whole journal (so far)… I got these ideas off of Pinterest, which is where I get most of my inspirations. I set myself a goal of reading 50 books before the age of 30 (when I turned 28, last year) – this is in my “30 Things Before 30” post, here; so, for this year, I have set myself a reading goal of 20 books, which I only started at about a month ago. I need to get moving on this! I therefore wanted to keep track of what I’d read (in my BuJo), and I thought that this would be such a cute way of doing it. I also wanted to keep a list of all the movies I’d watched at the cinema; so, I thought that it would be a nice idea to write the movie titles in popcorn sketches. I’m obsessed with this page! Ha.

I then found the inspiration for a “19 Things Before 2019” page – on Pinterest, again – because you can never have too many Bucket Lists! I am already halfway through the year; so, I have written down some things that I have already done, like – a road trip, and visiting a museum. I really enjoyed coming up with these ideas… it’s not as easy as you’d think it would be.

My next pages just have a doodle of the house from the Disney movie Up, along with a quote from the film. This inspiration came from Hayleigh Reidart who has such a beautiful BuJo. You can check her Bullet Journal out on Instagram, here.

So, that is the end, regarding my BuJo set-up. I have also done an August set-up, but I think that I might save that for another blog post. I hope that some of this has been useful… or that you’ve just enjoyed looking at my pictures! 🙂 If there is anything that I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to leave questions in the Comments section, and I shall get back to you.