Welcome back to another Bullet Journal (BuJo) post! I’ve done two, this month, so that I can show you December’s BuJo before it gets filled in at the beginning of December (with there being so many other posts coming up, along with my “12 Days of Blogmas” posts). I hope that this all makes sense (*eye roll*)! So, without further ado, let’s get to it…

I LOVE this BuJo layout… it’s simple and elegant, and I may carry it forward into my 2019 BuJo because I love it that much. My first page, as per the usual, has – a calendar for November and my goals for November.

This is then followed by my first week’s layout, which starts on Monday, the 29th of October. I’m in love with each little sketch on these Diary Pages… they’re so cute, but I feel like they’re most effective on these pages because they add a little something into the simplicity.

This is then followed by my Mood Tracker, which is probably my favourite Mood Tracker in the entire BuJo. Then, there is a quote on the opposite page from The Martian by Andy Weir (which is a book that I read during this month and also reviewed). Link to review – here.

The following pages comprise – another Weekly layout with a few sketches. The simplicity of this layout is amazing to me… I love it!

The next couple of pages are on my November Favourites and have a Disney sketch, which I’m completely in love with, too. I have decided that I’m going to do this sketch, once again in my 2019 BuJo.

The next couple of pages have another two Weekly layouts. You’ll notice that I always make a note in my diary about when I start and finish a particular book… I like to keep a record of how long it took me to read each book.

I then did a two-page layout for my NEWTs Readathon, in which I recorded everything that I read; and, I rated each book, using the key at the bottom of Page 2. I really enjoyed drawing this, and then, filling it all out!

Finally, I have another Weekly layout, followed by a page that’s ready for the switch over to December. I really loved this layout… I enjoyed drawing it, and I enjoyed filling it out. I am so excited for Christmas (and my winter layout for December)! Are you ready for Christmas? I certainly am!

I hope that you enjoyed this layout, as much as I did. Please let me know what you think in the comments below… 🙂