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Welcome to my monthly favourites, once again! This month has mostly been – books, books, books… but I make no apologies! There are a couple of movies in here, and also a subscription box review, though. I don’t want to give too many things away about what I am now finding are my favourites, as many of those would be great for Christmas gifts; so, I am saving those for that later post. I hope you enjoy this post, though! 🙂


A Bargain In Silver by Josie Jaffrey – Full review, here.

This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries Of A Junior Doctor by Adam Kay – I absolutely loved this book! I listened to it on Audible, rather than reading it, seeing as it was narrated by Adam Kay, himself. It’s funny and heart-breaking, and it gives a huge insight into just how badly our NHS staff are treated. I gave this book a 5/5 rating.

Sadie by Courtney Summers – Again, another book that I listened to. And, honestly, I’m not sure if I’d have enjoyed this book, half as much, had I read it! The chapters are split between Sadie’s side of the story and a podcast… this came across well on Audible since there was a cast of several people narrating the story (which is why I think that the story might not have come across as well, had I just read it). However, I could be wrong… and, I do plan to find out for myself at some point by actually reading the book. The story follows our main character, Sadie, who is hunting down her little sisters killer. It also follows a podcast presenter, West McCray, who is looking for Sadie. This story is both heart-breaking and heart-warming, and it will have you in tears by the end. I gave this book a 5/5 rating… absolutely fantastic!

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How To Survive A Ghost Story by Maddie Gudenkauf – Maddie is an online friend of mine; we’ve become friendly due to our mutual love of books… and, she’s such a lovely person. When her book was released, last month, I jumped straight onto Amazon and ordered it, being one of the first people (if not the first) to buy her book. The story follows Lucy Vitalis and her paranormal investigator father, Mike, to Sterben, Kansas. How To Survive a Ghost Story is a paranormal comedy featuring friendship, murder and exploding ducks! I absolutely loved this book… the characters are fab, plus the writing is brilliant, witty, and clever; and, since I love anything supernatural, it’s right up my street! I gave this book 5/5 stars.

(You can see all of my Book Ratings and Reviews on Goodreads; my link is here).


A Star Is Born – Full review, here.

First Man – The story of the first man on the Moon – Neil Armstrong. Bloody brilliant film! I was shocked to find out all the information that I didn’t know about Neil Armstrong till recently (through this film). I really enjoy Astronomy (although I’m not as much into it as I used to be as a kid), but there were so many things that I didn’t know about Neil or about the several failed missions that took place prior to Apollo 11 finally making it to the Moon. Fantastic acting, amazing direction… 5/5 stars from me!

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FairyLoot (Monthly YA Book Subscription Box)

I received my first ever FairyLoot Crate in September, and it was amazing! I loved that, but the one that I really want to talk to you about is October’s FairyLoot Crate. I’m not going to go into detail about every item, but I just wanted to show some recognition, regarding how beautiful and amazing these crates really are. You receive about 5-7 items in your box, as well as a book. This month, we got – a hat, some socks, some tea, a candle, a keyring, some playing cards, some artwork, a couple of bookmarks… and, our book. The book is stunning, and is now the favourite book on my shelves… this month, we received Girls Of Paper And Fire by Natasha Ngan, which I almost bought during the week before I received this box. The book is a Hardcover; it’s signed by the author, and it has pink-sprayed edges. I am so in love with this book… I squealed when I took it out of the box! Thank you, FairyLoot for being amazing! I’ve loved my FairyLoot boxes, so far, and I’m so happy that I subscribed when I did. You can check out the FairyLoot website, here.