This is the second installment of my Singapore/Australia trip. This time we’re visiting Australia. You can find the first installment here re: Singapore in case you missed it.

Perth, Australia

So I arrived at the airport in Perth at around tea time. There were tears to be had from myself, Sammi (my friend), Gill (Sammi’s mum), and I even think Ronny (Sammi’s dad) may have had a little tear ha. Once we’d done our hugs & kisses and managed to calm down, we made our way to the car where Gill proceeded to tell me that some of her tears were of fear as a kangaroo had tried to jump into the car on their way to the airport and nearly ended up in her lap! I was laughing my head off while she was shaking like crazy, bless her. I was in awe of their home when we got there. These places are usually bungalows but absolutely huge! It was beautiful. It had been a long day, so after a Budweiser and some catching-up, we all went to bed.

The following day was a Sunday, so they were all off from work. Ron had decided that my first port of call should be to see kangaroos up close and personal. So we went to Pinnaroo Cemetery, which is a beautiful cemetery. But they had kangaroos just roaming around. Ron was singing ‘skippy, skippy, skippy the bush kangaroo’ to them!

Sam and I then went down to Madeira Bay where we got some lunch and chilled out on the beach. Absolutely amazing bay with gorgeous views!

After this, we went back to Sam’s where I had my first ever Aussie Barbie (barbecue) 😀 I was so happy!

Now, unfortunately, Sam had just changed jobs before I went to Perth and so she only managed to get a few days off from work, which she decided to take during my second week there because that’s when I was renting a car. However, Gill had booked the whole two weeks (that I was going to be staying with them) off, bless her. Therefore, rather than telling you about what I did from one day to the next, I’m just going to tell you all the amazing things I did and saw 🙂

Hillarys Boat Harbour

This is literally one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to in my life. I spent so much time here with Sam whilst I was in Perth. I just couldn’t get enough of it. This is a harbour with a beach, a water park, and lots of shops and places to eat.

Burns Beach

Another beach Sam and I spent a lot of time at… This place reminded me a little bit of Summer Bay from Home And Away (i.e. the TV soap opera) with the shop and caravan park behind. It was really beautiful. We spent the evening here one day watching the sun go down, as well.

Perth Skyline

So I didn’t go into Perth City specifically other than to pick my rental car up. But Ron did take me and Sam one evening to go and see the skyline. It really was breathtaking. You forget that Australia is a lot younger than other countries, so the skyline is so much smaller compared to the likes of London, New York, Chicago, etc. But still equally spectacular!

Cohunu Koala Park

Despite being about an hour’s drive from where I was staying in Joondalup, it was definitely worth seeing it. I had the chance to cuddle a koala which was absolutely amazing. They also have other animals at the park including kangaroos, dingoes, horses, ostriches, etc. This was definitely a great day!

Places I didn’t get a chance to visit but will, next time


Rottnest Island

The Bell Tower

Perth Zoo

“Goodbye Perth”

This, like “hello Perth”, was full of tears and heartbreak. I’d had THE most amazing time in Perth with Sammi and her family, and I hated that I was having to say goodbye to them all over again.

My flight to Dubai was a pretty good one, all things considered. And the views from the plane window whilst leaving Perth were breathtaking.

Would I go back to Perth? Absolutely! Would I recommend it to others? You bet your ass I would!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and like my pictures.

Until next time!

Steph xoxo