So, for those of you who were with me last month, you’ll remember that I set myself a “self-love challenge” for the month of March. For those of you who weren’t with me… welcome! And you can find the original post here.

This is my “self-love: reflection” post, in which I am going to look back over the challenge and on how it made me feel, overall. So here it goes…

Day 1: Fill in your planner; set aside days for yourself – This allowed me to be organised and know exactly what was coming up, so that I could plan out the month. Being organised and knowing what is happening in advance is a big thing for me, as I love to spend time with family and friends; so I love to know when I have free time and when I have plans.

Day 2: Make a list of things you like about yourself and add one new thing, every day – I started off really well with this but did start to lose it a little bit as the month went on. However, it did feel good to notice and appreciate the things I like about myself, rather than to dwell on the things I don’t like about myself, which I do quite a lot!

Day 3: Declutter your home – I didn’t manage to do my whole house until April, but I did manage to declutter the paperwork on my desk at home, somewhat. This felt really good because that paperwork had been piling up for months, and I found important information in the pile that I hadn’t even known was in there!

Day 4: Clean out your closet – I managed to do this and take a huge bag of clothes to the charity shop. I also have a pile of clothes that I keep meaning to put onto eBay to sell. So, that’s on this month’s list of goals.

Day 5: Treat Yo’self ­– On this day, I went to Slattery’s with the girls for some afternoon lunch. It was absolutely delicious, and it was so nice to just relax with the girls and have a catch-up and treat myself.

Day 6: Declutter your workspace – My office at work is like a black hole for paperwork! It’s covered in it, so anything new coming in immediately goes missing. I did however manage to declutter my workspace (my desk) and reorganise it, which felt really good. I do find it quite stressful to be in such a messy busy office, all day long.

Day 7: Make a recipe you haven’t made before – I didn’t get around to doing this, but it is definitely still on my list of things to do!

Day 8: Choose tomorrow’s outfit before bed – I tend to do this anyway, as I’m not much of a morning person… and I do like to do this. It makes me feel quite organised and in control of the next day before it has even arrived.

Day 9: Apply a face mask – I did this so many times, last month. I do love to put a face mask on; I just don’t take the time out to do it that often. So, it was nice to make some time for it.

Day 10: Take a bath – I am too tall for my bath at home; however, my parents have a nice bath. So, I took advantage of this, one day after work and helped myself to a long warm bath. I really should make more time to do this, as it’s very relaxing and one of the easiest self-love remedies that there is.

Day 11: Spend the day watching a movie boxset – I didn’t do this in a day, as I picked Harry Potter… and I’m not too sure if it would even be practically possible. But I did it over a few days. I really enjoyed kicking back and relaxing with HP(!), and taking some time out of my life to enjoy a bit of “me time”.

Day 12: Try Yoga – I started at a Yoga class around the corner from my home, which had been recommended to me by a friend. I absolutely love it! I can hand-on-heart say that I haven’t ever enjoyed any kind of exercise before, as much as I now enjoy Yoga. It has now become a part of my routine; I go to class once a week, and I am hoping to also do it twice a week at home.

Day 13: Write as many positive things about yourself as you can – Again, like the Day 2 Challenge, I managed to do this only so far, and did struggle after a little bit. But instead of then dwelling on the negative things I saw, I read out the positive things I’d written down, over and over to myself.

Day 14: Colour/draw – I invested in a bullet journal (BuJo) after debating with myself about whether or not to bother. This journal has since become a huge part of my life, regarding how I keep myself organised, and I’m not too sure how I managed to do without it before. I draw, write, colour, make notes, etc. in my BuJo, and I absolutely love it. I actually did a blog post on this, the other day, which you can find here.

Day 15: Buy yourself some flowers – I bought myself some tulips. I love tulips and the different types of colours they come in; I can’t get enough of them. Another little gesture that doesn’t take much time, effort, or money, but can make such a huge difference to your mood and self-love!

Day 16: Watch an old movie – I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s… one of my all-time favourites. I can never get enough of this movie!

Day 17: Read a book you love – I reread I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk… my all-time favourite book, and I had forgotten how much I truly loved that book! I had also forgotten how much I truly loved to read. Since I started suffering with migraines, reading is a hobby that I haven’t been able to partake in much anymore. However, I am determined to give it my very best effort, as it is such a perfect way to unwind after a long day and just relax.

Day 18: Visit a museum – I went to Manchester Science And Industry Museum with my dad, one Sunday. It was such a lovely day out and I really adored the museum. It took me back to my childhood, especially as I was there with my dad, too.

Day 19: Write down a 5-year dream plan – This really gave me some perspective on my life. I have been struggling, the last couple of years with my health and with my career and with other things in my life! When I wrote this down as part of the challenge, I thought I would find it easy, but it was actually quite difficult. However, it really opened my eyes and got me thinking, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be feeling a little lost or struggling at the moment with life.

Day 20: Go to the cinema on your own – I didn’t manage to do this, but I did go quite a few times with my best friend and my dad. The cinema is always a place for me to escape life for a couple of hours and just be in a bit of a dream world. I love to “shut off” and just enjoy a film for a couple of hours.

Day 21: Get rid of 5 things you don’t use – This one kind of came part-and-parcel with the cleaning out of my closet and the decluttering of my spare room. I threw out loads of junk, including pictures of negative people that are no longer in my life, gifts from said people, and other things that I no longer needed.

Day 22: Go to bed early – Something that I managed to achieve, a couple of times during March… which was a miracle! However, this was due to me being quite ill during March with migraines and therefore sleeping a lot more than usual.

Day 23: Take a selfie and post it on social media – This day was a friend’s wedding day (actually my brother’s brother-in-law-to-be’s wedding day – very confusing!); so I posted a selfie of myself on my social media, which I’ve no doubt that you’ve all seen. 😊

Day 24: Discover new music – I have been hanging out with some friends – that I’d not seen for a while – quite a bit recently. One of the lads is from Texas and he listens to a lot of country music, as well as other genres. And because of this, I have learned a few country songs and realised that I quite like country music! So, thank you for this one, Snip!

Day 25: Go for a walk – I didn’t manage to do this on my own, but once my dad and I had been to the museum, we went for a walk around Manchester. It was so relaxing. I’d forgotten how much I missed Manchester, now that I’m not working in the centre anymore.

Day 26: Write down 5 things to be happy about, right now – This was very liberating. After struggling with the 5-year dream plan, doing this made me feel so much better about where I am with my life, what I am doing, and the people I have around me.

Day 27: Do a brain dump – I was actually going to write about my brain dump (re: this challenge) as a “Dear Diary” blog post, but it was an extremely personal brain dump including mentions of a lot of friends; so I’ve thought better of it. But it’s definitely a good idea to do this whenever you feel it is necessary. The things I wrote down had kept me awake for a couple of nights, and it did me so much good (mentally) to get them out of my head and onto a piece of paper!

Day 28: Dance like no one is watching – I didn’t quite manage to do this. I had many intentions to do so but didn’t quite manage it! It’s on my list for my next night out, though!

Day 29: Write a “thank you” note – I struggled with this massively! I have so many people in my life that I’d like to thank; so to write just one was a huge challenge for me! It was also a very emotional and heart-warming task, and it made me feel very appreciative of the people I have in my life! I highly recommend doing this.

Day 30: How do I feel about me, right now?

The million-pound question… how do I feel about me, right now? Honestly?! Pretty good! It’s been a long time since I felt this good about myself! My weight and my migraines are demons that I’m still fighting with, but other than those, I feel awesome. I have an amazing set of friends around me who I see, as often as I can. I have fantastic family that forever support me and pick me up when I fall; I honestly couldn’t ask for better! I have a wonderful life, and I’m very lucky!

I’m making a bit more of an effort with my appearance… wearing a bit more make-up than I usually would, spending more time on my hair, and picking an outfit for the day, even if I am just going to work! I am feeling very happy at the moment, and I really think that this self-love challenge has helped to kickstart that feeling.

I’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions about what one can do to help aid self-love. 😊

I hope you have enjoyed my reflections, and if you decide to do a self-love challenge of your own, I would love to hear how it works out for you.

Keep smiling and shining, beautiful ones! You’re all Kings and Queens in my eyes!