Welcome back to an update about my Bullet Journal (BuJo)! I have to be honest here – I haven’t filled in the Diary part of my BuJo (for this month), as much as I usually would… I think that that was due to me being so busy with my new job and my readathon, but also – I wasn’t a fan of this month’s layout; it just didn’t work for me. However, you only learn these things by trying!

So, let’s have a look at this month’s layout, and see what bits of the layout I did enjoy…

As always, my cover page included my “goals for the month”, which I smashed, yet again; so, thank you so much for that! It’s because of you all that I manage to hit these goals, each month, and keep pushing forward with my blog (and growing my “baby”). As September marks the start of autumn, I decided to go with an autumnal theme, this month.

My next 2 pages are my first weekly layout. I was attempting to copy a much more beautiful version of this layout that I’d seen on Pinterest… however, I then decided that I didn’t really like my version, and I decided not to carry this on through the month.

My next pages are a TV Series Tracker. I am so behind on ALL of my TV series, mostly because I get side-tracked with either new TV series or books. I am aiming to catch up on these soon, though.

My next page is another weekly layout. I actually love the way that this looks; I just haven’t used it much, and therefore, don’t think that it works for me. I do love the doodles, though, and the mushroom sticker was purchased from Dorkface; you can purchase form her Etsy shop, here, although she is shutting that down, this month to go on maternity leave… so, hurry your butts up!

My next page is a quote from the song – I Am Woman – by Helen Reddy; I first heard this song in Sex And The City 2 (the movie), and absolutely loved it! This is followed by my Mood Tracker with leaves (autumnal through and through!); as you can see, I spent a lot of time, this month while not feeling well (and also feeling tired). I had a couple of near misses with migraines, this month… I luckily managed to knock them on the head (excuse the pun!) before they took over for the weekend.

Another weekly layout with another sticker from Dorkface… I do love the quote on this page – “Ah September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul…” So true! I love autumn… such a beautiful season!

My next pages are a Disney Film Tracker and a Disney quote from Tinkerbell. I’m shocked at how many Disney films I haven’t seen… I absolutely need to sort this out!

This is followed by my September Favourites page, which I split in half and added my “O.W.L.s readathon” list to (and which changed so many times!); this only shows a few of the books that I read for the readathon. If you’re interested in the readathon or in what I read, you can read about that in a post, here. On the facing page, there is a quote that I’ve heard in the past, but have also heard, more recently in the Mission Impossible: Fallout film. I loved this quote so much that it got its own page in my BuJo.

Another half-empty weekly layout! I promise to do better in October, I swear! Another cute quote though – “And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened”. Beautiful!

My final pages are a bit of a “celebration” for hitting 5K views on my blog (YAY!). That’s followed by my birthday and Christmas wish-list. I’ve made the decision to do this because my book wish-list is ridiculously long while both my birthday and Christmas are coming up. So, I’d rather receive things that I want, instead of things that I don’t… if that makes sense without making me sound like a cheeky bugger! Ha.

So, there you have it – September’s layout. Not my favourite month for my BuJo, but my favourite pages are – the quote pages, my “5K views” page, and my “birthday and Christmas wish-list” page.

I hope that your BuJos are all looking miles better than mine, this month! 😀 However, I’m looking forward to showing you October’s layout, next month… that’s one of my favourite layouts, to date!