Can you believe that it is October, already?!

Welcome to my September Favourites post! 😊 I hope that you all had a lovely month! Without further ado, let’s get to my September Faves…

Small Businesses

Pebblepeepz: One of my closest friends – Sarah – has been making these gorgeous pebble frames and ornaments for about 6 months, now. I have been admiring these from afar, but recently decided that it was time to get one for my blog. And, this is the result! How gorgeous is this pebble frame that was made and customised for Steph Loves?! Sarah also makes beautiful ornaments like this one that she made for my brother and sister-in-law – as their wedding present. You can order frames and ornaments from the Pebblepeepz Instagram account, here.

Mermaid Moonchild Illustrations: I made the decision to have an illustration done up for Steph Loves, this month, and below is the result. Hayley from Mermaid Moonchild Illustrations has done a fantastic job with this illustration of me, and I will definitely be going back to her if I ever want another illustration done up.


Notebook Holder, Wilkos: I got this gorgeous notebook holder from Wilkos, at the beginning of the month. It came with 4 notebooks, 2 of which I took out and replaced with my Bullet Journal (BuJo). It means that I can keep my BuJo, a notebook, and a diary, all in one place, which is super handy. And, it only cost me £5… an absolute bargain!

Tassel paperclips, Wilkos: Again… another Wilkos bargain! I use these tassel paperclips as bookmarks… they’re so different, and beautiful. I absolutely love them. £1 for 6!

Ant Middleton

For those of you who don’t know, Ant is ex-Special Forces and now does the show SAS: Who Dares Wins, as well as being on the show Mutiny. He recently brought out his own book – First Man In: Leading From The Front – which I bought and listened to on Audible (love the sound of his voice, too!). I then found out from a friend (Hey Erika… I know that you’re reading this!) that he was doing a tour and he was coming to Manchester. So, obviously, I bought tickets! I took my mum – who knew NOTHING (not one thing!) about Ant – with me. And, she absolutely loved An Evening With Ant Middleton (his tour’s name). He basically spoke to us about his history, how he got to where he is (today), his time with the Army, his time with the Paras, his time with the Marines, how he coped in war, how he coped after he left the Special Forces, and his life after that period. It was inspiring and eye-opening, and he is such a grounded, down-to-earth person with such an amazing outlook on life, despite everything that he’s done and gone through.

I would absolutely recommend reading his book and watching the shows that he’s involved with… 5/5 from me!


I saw quite a bit at the cinema, this month, but nothing that I’m really interested in raving about. However, I did watch Braven at home on Sky, this month – movie starring Jason Momoa as Joe Braven. This film is about Joe (who is a normal guy), his wife, his daughter, and his dad who seems to be suffering with early Alzheimer’s. Someone who works for Joe stashes drugs at his (Joe’s) cabin when a drug run goes wrong. Unfortunately, Joe and his father go up to the cabin for a father/son weekend… and the drug dealers come back for their stash, leading to a pretty brutal fight-for-your-life situation.

I always find it fascinating, even though it is just in film, to see how normal people react when their family is in danger. It’s such an amazing film that precisely shows this situation – how the everyday man copes with seeing his family in danger and fearing for their lives.

I would recommend this film… 5/5 from me!


There have been a lot of books that I’ve enjoyed during this month, including –

Rogue Evacuation – review, here.

The Tattooist Of Auschwitz – review, here.

One Of Us Is Lying – more on my thoughts about this book, here.

The Young Elites – more on my thoughts about this book, here.

I hope that you enjoy this post and see something that you like! 😊 Let me know, down below if anything catches your eye or if you’ve bought/seen/read any of these things… I’d love to know your thoughts!