One of my best friends moved to Australia a few years ago. My cousin moved to Singapore several years before that. I really wanted to go visit them both, so in July 2013, I popped in to the travel agent’s to see if it would be possible to do both places in one go.

I left the travel agent’s about 2 hours later with a two-and-a-half week round-trip booked for October.

*Manchester to Dubai*

*Dubai to Singapore*

*3 nights in Singapore*

*Singapore to Perth*

*2 weeks in Perth*

*Perth to Dubai*

*15 hours in Dubai (including stay-over in an Ibis hotel)*

*Dubai to Manchester*

Just over ONE GRAND! Bargain!

So here is the first installment with regards to my trip… Singapore!

My flight was pretty awesome, as far as flights go. I flew on the Emirates Airbus A-380 both to Dubai and Singapore, with an entire row of seats to myself 🙂 Winning! Complementary drinks and food on the flight! I made the decision not to drink the free booze due to flying alone. I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going and what I was doing at all times. So Pepsi for me please!

When I landed at Changi Airport in Singapore at about 1pm, my cousin’s friend (and also my friend) Bev, was there to meet me. She had gone over a few days before me for a week. Which actually turned out to be so lucky for me because my cousin, Andrew, was really feeling poorly the whole time I was there.

Bev took me back to Andrew’s apartment. We got back there at about 3.30pm. So I had a nap for an hour or two followed by a shower and then we made our way out for some tea. What you will find in Singapore is that food is so expensive to buy in the shops; it is actually cheaper to eat out. We went to an Italian restaurant, which was lovely. We then went for a walk to the Singapore Flyer. This is the second biggest Ferris wheel in the world at 165m high. The views from the capsule were breathtaking. I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing.


After this we went for a bit more of a walk. Then got the MRT back to Andrew’s apartment. The MRT is the underground tube if you like. At almost every station, there is a shopping centre. Some of them are the size of the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It was amazing.

The next day, Bev and I went on an adventure and got on the Sky Rail to Sentosa Island. There is a Universal Studios on this island along with lots of other amenities. I was gutted that I couldn’t get anything from the sweets shop, but it was just too hot. Nothing would have survived the trip back to Andrew’s apartment, never mind the rest of the day (due to the heat). We had a wander around the Island, and a walk down the beach, eventually bringing overselves to the southernmost point of continental Asia. Such a beautiful beach; it was a very surreal moment for me.





My final day was again spent with Bev. Andrew was feeling a little better but wanted to save himself for the evening as he had made plans for us. We went to Raffles Hotel where we both ordered a Singapore Sling (because what else are you going to order, let’s face it…?!). Such a beautiful hotel! We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at the VivoCity Shopping Centre. The evening was spent eating at a street food market. The food was unreal. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was considering the amount of food on my plate. We then went to the 1-Altitude Bar located on the 63rd floor of 1 Raffles Place. This bar was one of the classiest places I’d ever seen or been to in my life. It’s also where I had my first appletini. 🙂 After 1-Altitude, we then went on to Dorothy’s Bar which is a gay venue and truly is such a heartwarming, homely place.


Once my stay was coming to an end in Singapore, Andrew took me back to Changi Airport, which by the way, is the most beautiful airport I’ve ever seen. It was time for me to continue my journey onto Perth. I miss my cousin dearly; I have seen him only twice since this trip, but I know he has the most amazing life in Singapore and he misses us just as much as we miss him (I hope!).

Despite the fact that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my cousin as I would have liked, I had the most amazing time in Singapore. I would definitely recommend visiting it and I would definitely go back. My parents have since been there and they absolutely loved it!

It should be noted that I did this trip entirely on my own, although I was meeting people when I got to Singapore and Australia. But I was only 23, and had never been abroad on my own before. This was huge for me! It was actually really eye-opening for me, and I genuinely believe that it instilled the confidence in me to be able to go about my business and do many things on my own… enjoy special lunches, go to the movies, etc. It has helped me become a much stronger and more independent woman, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and adventures, and if you have any questions, please ask away and I will do my best to answer them for you 🙂

Steph xoxo