Movies play a huge part in my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love for films. I get it from my dad; he’s a real ‘film buff’ as he likes to call himself and I have grown up being the exact same. My knowledge on films is pretty crazy! I’ve always been the type of person to struggle with exams at school, college and university. But I can remember movies and actors and actresses like nobody’s business. It’s a skill, I swear!

So, I’ve decided to do a blog post on some of my go-to movies, including those that come under – feel-good movies, chick flicks, horror movies, Disney movies, and so on. I hope you enjoy my choices, and if you haven’t seen any of these movies, you should definitely check them out!

Feel-good Movie:

Whenever you’re in that mood where you’ve just had a bit of a rubbish week, or you’ve got a lot going on, or for maybe no reason at all you’re just feeling a bit down in the dumps, what is your go-to feel good movie?

The film that can cheer you up without too much effort. The film that – once it’s started – makes you already feel better, and once it’s finished – you feel like you can get on with your day and do all the washing that’s been piling up all week, or wash the pots from last night’s tea. (Don’t gasp, we are all guilty of it!) The film that just makes you feel on top of the world again, and makes it seem like your problems are not as big as they seem.

We Bought A Zoo (2010)

My feel-good movie is We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s based on a true story in which Benjamin Mee and his family buy a zoo – The Dartmouth Zoological Park in Devon – in 2006. The plot is – a widowed father purchases a large house that has a zoo in a bid to start his life over with his 2 children. His daughter, Rosie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) who is 7 years old, the most gorgeous little girl I ever saw and who I think absolutely makes the movie, welcomes the news. However, his son, Dylan (Colin Ford) one of my favourite young actors, is in his mid-teens and is not too keen on the move. The story is based on this family rebuilding themselves after the loss of their mother, and rebuilding the zoo to its former glory.

This film is heart-warming, courageous and is just generally an all-round lovely film. Definitely one to cheer you up when you’re feeling a little under the weather, or one to watch during a family movie night.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” – Benjamin Mee.

Chick Flick

Pretty Woman (1990) & Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).

I can’t pick just one for this. I love a good chick flick!

Pretty Woman

This was the first chick flick I ever fell in love with. I couldn’t get enough of it, and frankly, I still can’t. It’s amazing! Julia Roberts is one of my favourite actresses and I love pretty much all of her films. I’ve no doubt that if I do a ‘Movies to watch’ post, a lot of her movies will be on the list.

Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a businessman that needs an escort for some social events and hires a beautiful prostitute, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), only to fall in love. Not without its complications, this Cinderella-like story is romantic, corny, clichéd, witty and funny, and will have you falling in love with Edward and Vivian the second you meet them.

E: “So what happens after he climbed up the tower and rescued her?”

V: “She rescues him right back.”

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

I have a funny story that includes this film… a couple of years ago I was in Florida with my parents on holiday and we went to Tiffany’s so I could get myself some jewellery. Now bear in mind – I have watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s with my dad prior to this, so I know he’s seen it. So, we’re stood outside the shop, just taking a couple of minutes to appreciate that I am stood outside Tiffany’s and feel like Holly. Anyway, we go inside the shop and my dad looks around and says to me, “Steph, where’s the breakfast?” I literally couldn’t believe my ears. I laughed out loud in the middle of Tiffany’s and he couldn’t understand what I found so funny. Had to explain the film to my dad and that Tiffany’s is not a café but a jewellery store! Still cracks me up to this day!

I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. Definitely a role model for me! Her movies are some of my favourites, including Sabrina and Roman Holiday, but Breakfast At Tiffany’s is definitely at the top of my list.

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) is a young New York socialite who becomes interested in a young man, Paul Varjak (George Peppard), who has moved into her apartment building, but her past threatens to get in the way.

A romantic comedy in which Audrey Hepburn is graceful and charming and will steal your heart with her quirky personality… this movie will have you laughing out loud, mesmerised and wanting more.

“If I could find a real-life place, that made me feel like Tiffany’s then… then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.” – Holly Golightly

Horror Movie

So, I am not a horror movie fan. I have watched quite a few in my time, along the lines of The Amityville Horror, House Of Wax, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, Insidious (absolutely NOT a fan of the red-faced man; I literally screamed in the cinema at the end of Insidious 3), and don’t even get me started on IT… I have a fear of clowns, so it’s a no-go from the start, but of course, I am never one to be a party pooper on movie night, so I went ahead and said “yes”. Who is the only one left awake 20 minutes into the movie but me on my bloody own?! and I am not the type of person to turn a film off part way through unless it’s horrendously bad. Problem is – IT has been very well done; it just gave me nightmares for about 2 months (sleeping-with-the-light-on nightmares! Yes, I am an adult… what’s your point?!)

Halloween (2007)

Given the choice of movies, horror is a genre I would normally stay away from; however, I do like Halloween (2007). Despite the fact that Michael Myers’s mask freaks me out no end, I do enjoy this film and I have watched it over and over again.

Don’t think I really need to give an overview of this movie to be honest. If you’ve never watched or heard of the Halloween films, what hole have you been living in?!

I get the feeling that a lot of people might disagree with this choice, but as someone who is absolutely not a horror movie lover, this is the one horror film I can and have watched over and over again.


The Lion King & The Beauty And The Beast

For the longest time, my favourite Disney film was The Lion King. I loved the storyline, the characters, the music, the way it made me laugh one minute and cry the next. Everything you could ever ask for in a Disney film, and made better by the fact that it’s a classic and so well loved.

However, last year (2017), they remade Beauty And The Beast, which – please don’t judge me for this – I only watch the animated version for the first time late 2016! I know, I know… terrible!

I completely fell in love with the remake. I thought the casting was brilliant and the music was amazing. I actually went to the cinema to watch it 3 times. Once with my best friend, once with just my mum, and then my mum and I went again and took my dad. I was really worried it wouldn’t be up his street, but he absolutely loved it. I could see the magic and his appreciation for how much of a good film it is in his eyes and it made me love it even more. I can’t get enough of it. I bought it the day it came out on DVD; couldn’t help myself. Yes, I’m old school, I buy DVD’s. My collection is actually pretty extensive. I’ve no doubt I’ll do a blog post on it one day J

I love all things Disney, but these two are by far my favourites.


Musicals aren’t one of my top genres to go for with movies. However, if a musical is done well, it is something I will go back to again and again to watch.


I grew up singing and dancing to Grease. It my all-time favourite musical. I can’t get enough of Danny and Sandy, even today! It played a huge part in my childhood, mostly with me and my best friends (3 sisters who lived next door to me) re-enacting all the scenes as often as we possibly could. Again, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to explain the story with this one because, if you haven’t seen it, I think I’m severely disappointed.

The Greatest Showman

Okay, honestly, I’m sat at my computer right now unsure of where to start with this one.

This is a film based on the circus showman P. T. Barnum. Although NOT an autobiography, it is a twist on the events in his life that has been put into a musical. And it has been done very well if you ask me.

With an outstanding cast including Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya and more, the film explains how P. T. Barnum became the greatest showman including the ups and downs it took to get him there.

I have literally watched this film 5 times, and that includes a sing-a-long version. I was captivated from the first moment it started, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen through the whole film. I think women and children do enjoy it more, with the catchy songs, animals and lavish outfits. However, my brother has been to see it also and definitely plays the soundtrack more than I do! He can’t get enough of it.

If you haven’t seen this yet, it is a definite must-see in my opinion!


Because we all know my heart truly lies with anything Marvel! If you didn’t know that, now you do. I am a HUGE Marvel fan. I own every Marvel film made, too many Funko POPs to count and several books as well as comics. This is a hard decision for me – having to pick a Marvel favourite – one I don’t think I’m going to do; however, I do think my top 2 are probably Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok.

Captain America: Civil War

I loved this film. I also hated it at the same time. I was not happy in the slightest about the Civil War side of things… it made me quite sad! However, I did think it was done very well, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film. I love the new characters coming into it also – Black Panther, Spiderman and the introduction of Ant-man to the team. I just really thought it was very well thought out and executed. Despite the Civil War!

Thor: Ragnorok

I cried with laughter from start to finish during this movie. My dad found it very gimmicky and didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two Thor films. However, I thought it was brilliant. I thought the relationship between Thor and Hulk was fantastic and the storyline was brilliant! I don’t want to say too much more on this because, if you haven’t seen it, there are lots of spoilers I could end up giving away. But what I will say is – if you haven’t seen it, make sure you do! It’s available on DVD now.

So, there you have it. The movies of my life! I literally could go on about this forever… I love films. But I need to cut myself off before it takes you all 754 days to read this post.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and please let me know if you have any for me! Always up for watching new movies (unless they have clowns, dolls or terrifying children in them).