Ever since she got pregnant, seventeen-year-old Emoni’s life has been about making the tough decisions – doing what has to be done for her young daughter and her grandmother. Keeping her head down at school, trying not to get caught up with new boy Malachi. The one place she can let everything go is in the kitchen, where she has magical hands – whipping up extraordinary food beloved by everyone.

Emoni wants to be a chef more than anything, but she knows it’s pointless to pursue the impossible. There are rules she has to play by. And yet, once she starts cooking, and gets that fire on high, she sees that her drive to feed will feed her soul and dreams too. And anything is possible.

My Review

Emoni is a seventeen-year-old aspiring chef, she’s also a student and a mother to her two-year-old daughter. Although getting by, Emoni is struggling with lots of things happening in her life all at once. She has been brought up by her grandmother, she’s looking after her Babygirl whilst trying to graduate from school and earn some money at the local burger joint.

The only place Emoni can really let go and feel like she’s no worries is the kitchen. Cooking is her passion and she is something else.

This book was such an easy but passionate read. Elizabeth Acevedo has put her all into this, you can feel it in her words and in the pages of the book. This deals with several different things. Teenage motherhood, a lack of parents, school, passion, relationships (family, friendships and physical), race, etc.

Once I started reading With The Fire on High, I just couldn’t put it down. The writing is easy, the chapters are short and the addition of a recipe at the beginning of each part is such a beautiful touch.

From the outside in, this book oozes passion, beauty, strength and food. I was hungry the whole time I read this, not just for food, but for more of Elizabeth’s writing. I read The Poet X and gave it 5 stars because it deserved every single one. With The Fire on High is no different.

Adored every single second!

Steph xoxo