Welcome to the first post of 2019 for Steph Loves.


I recently came across a book challenge called bookopoly that really caught my eye. I saw Elena’s vlog from Elena Reads Book explaining her bookopoly challenge and how it works, and I was instantly hooked. For anyone who knows me, they know I love Monopoly. Its my favourite board game of all time. So, I have taken Elena’s bookopoly challenge idea and made one for myself.

I did this by printing a plain Monopoly board layout out on A3 paper, sticking it to white card and then filling it in by hand. The idea behind this challenge is that it forces you to possibly read books you would normally read, AND it helps you save money. So, here’s how it works.

Street Names

Book genres have replaced the street names. So, my usual genre reads like fantasy, thriller, YA are on there but also some genres I either haven’t read a lot of recently or read much of at all are on here too, like romance and classic.

So, if I read two classics, I will have completed the dark blue colour.

After this, each book in that genre will equal a house, just like in the original game Monopoly. Once I have read 5 books in that genre, I will have what would normally be a hotel for that square. (I hope this is making sense).

Now, for a little extra incentive and twist, for each book completed, I have a certain amount of money to put into my Harry Potter Sugared Frogs Sweet Treats piggy bank. (see below).

Once I have completed a square, if I read another book in that genre, there isn’t any need to put money into the piggy bank for that book.

Community Chest & Chance

I have come up with 12 cards for both Community Chest and Chance which will have different prompts on them. At the beginning of each month, I’ll pick a card and will carry out the prompt. These are as follows:


The two tax squares are now a 500-page book and a 750-page book. Again, this can be done up to 6 times for each square, and again, I will put money into my piggy bank.

Train Stations

There are four train stations on a normal Monopoly board. These have all been replaced with a Readathon. For the year of 2018, I took part in at least five readathons from August-December. So, I am hoping to do more for the year of 2019. Again, I have up to 6 chances for each of the stations, essentially giving me up to 24 readathons for the year (not bloody likely but a girl can dream eh?!)


I have replaced these with book challenges. What this entails is an idea I got from Amanda from A Court of Books and Love on YouTube. I have wrapped up 20 books off my book shelf that I haven’t read yet. These books have been selected at random as books I want to read, but unless I’m forced into them, probably won’t make them a priority. So, I’m forcing myself into them (HA).

At the beginning of every month, I will pick 1 or 2 of these books, depending on how my TBR is looking, I’ll unwrap them on my TBR video and they will be my book challenge book(s) for that month.

When each book is complete, I will put money into my piggy bank. The value will depend on the below table. The figures from this table have been come from Gemma’s Bookopoly Challenge 2018 which you can find here.

Go to Jail

This idea came from Elena and Gemma. If I buy a book, I must read it straight away. I am in jail until I have finished the book and therefore cannot move forward with any other challenge until my new book is complete. Unless, of course, I have the Get Out of Jail Free card going spare.

I have opted not to roll dice for this. I am just going to be picking my books as and when I feel.

The main reason for doing this is that my TBR shelf is overflowing with books and I am adding to it faster than I am reading for it. My aim is to save myself money and get through a good chunk of my current books before adding to it again.

I hope that this has made sense. If you’d love to get involved or are already doing something similar, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to chat with people about this challenge throughout the year.

Steph xoxo