Welcome to Day 7 of Steph Loves 12 Days of Blog/Vlogmas.

I was tagged in this cute little A-Z tag by Gemma from hiddenlittlegem, thank you my lovely!

I am tagging Emma, Steff, Jackie, Lily and Sophie.


I might be 29 years old, but I still manage to get at least 2 advent calendars every year. One from my parents and one from my brother and his wife. 😀

Boxing Day

I love boxing day, almost as much as Christmas Day. I always stay over at my parents, so boxing day is usually filled with watching films and playing board games. And I BLOODY LOVE Monopoly.


I love candles any time of the year. But Christmas scented candles are my favourite. They always make your house smell amazing and Christmas wouldn’t be the same for me without them.


I love Christmas Dinner. Turkey with all the trimmings followed by a cake of my choice (for me) because I don’t like Christmas pudding. Perfection!


One of the best Christmas films going. It’s not one I watch every year, but I enjoy it, nevertheless. I probably use the GIFs more than I’ve seen it haha.


Christmas is my favourite time of year, mainly because it brings my family together which doesn’t happen often. I get to see my cousins and my grandparents and my uncle and its just wonderful.


I know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts, but I just think its so nice to give and receive gifts of those who love you most and wanted to get you something nice.


Exactly how I feel when I’m surround by my family on Christmas Day.


Sorry Gem, I kept this here because honestly, I didn’t know what else to put haha. Plus, I do think icicles are kind of pretty.

Jingle bells

One of the best Christmas songs ever. I can hear this song once and I’ll be humming it for the rest of the week.

Kris Kringle

My all-time favourite film, Miracle of 34th Street. Kris Kringle is the cutest human that ever lived. This is the first time I ever heard the name Kris Kringle used in reference to Santa.


I have fairy lights up around my house all year round, but I do love them most at Christmas. I love driving home from work in the dark and seeing everyone’s Christmas lights outside their house and spotting the odd Christmas tree in the window with its twinkling lights. So magical!

Merry Christmas!


Spend half my life wondering which one I’ll be this year! (Oops)

Office Party

I’m lucky enough to be invited on my dad’s office party every year (he owns his own company) so that’s always nice. But this year will be my first Christmas party with my new company and I’m really excited. 😊


I don’t know how much more this needs explaining to be honest.

Queen’s Speech

We watch this every year without fail. Its tradition in the Barra Household.


I absolutely love reindeer. I think they’re such beautiful animals and I love that they’re such a main figure in Christmas.


Music is one of my favourite things in the world at any time of year. But Christmas songs are my absolute favourite. Driving Home For Christmas is my go-to Christmas Eve driving to my mum and dads song.


I always say to my sister-in-law “can I just keep my tree up all year round because the house looks bear without it” I love having my Christmas tree up and absolutely hate taking it down.


Mess everywhere. Dad following us round with a bin bag. Denver picking up any stray bits and making even more of a tip of the living room. Mayhem and fun all unwrapped!


Because I didn’t have another word to use and H was used up with Happiness. I love the Christmas break (vacation) so nice to have a bit of time off work to spend with family and friends.

White Christmas

Forever dreaming of a White Christmas. Until it comes, and I need to leave the house. And then I’m left wondering why the hell I thought snow would be a good idea.


This part of an A-Z is always so difficult.


I had to google what this was!


Copying again Gem, sorry babe. A good long sleep at the end of the Christmas break is always needed. I do like to catch up on sleep during the Christmas holidays (vacation).

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and I shall be back with Day 8 of Steph Loves 12 Days of Blog/Vlogmas.