We are all unique and different in our own way but the fact that we always strive to belong somewhere is never going to change. And with the holidays coming up, you may want to really think about how truly thankful and blessed you are for having your own family to belong to. After all, not everyone gets to feel the amazing warmth and happiness that comes from strong family bonds. Whether you are a mother, sister, brother, father, caring for your family is a lovely thing to do. I will bring you more joy and help you care for yourself too.

Obviously, it’s important to show just how much you love and care for your family members all year round, but the upcoming holidays simply create a better opportunity for communicating your feelings. Take a moment to feel the love engulf you and help you come up with the most endearing ways to celebrate the happiness your family brings to you. But, as mentioned, it’s not all about the holiday gifts, is it? It’s more about your actions and presence in your loved ones’ lives that will speak volumes of your devotion, gratefulness and content.

Make your parents happy just like they make you

Parents and children bickering is perfectly normal. After all, these are just the bits in between. Your story is so much more. So, open up. We usually have trouble expressing our feelings, but don’t let the embarrassment and underestimating your emotions take away the urge to say “I love you”. These words are the most fulfilling reward for your parents. If they live close to you, never miss the opportunity to spoil and pamper them. If they are far away, call them and don’t be afraid to tell them that you miss them. It doesn’t matter whether you have the whole day free or just half an hour – spend it together with your parents. Be patient and understanding. And if you’re thinking about a special gift for the holidays that would truly show just how much you value their company and everything they did for you, why not book a family trip and enjoy it together?

Take good care of your elderly grandparents

It’s difficult to think about endings, but the fact of the matter is that being able to enjoy the presence of your grandparents in your life is one of the rarest gems you could get. So take the time to be with them and simply enjoy their company. Listen to them, laugh with them, talk about their past – show them that they matter to you. Even if you had to look for special aged care facilities when their health deteriorated, you still have the opportunity to visit and engage in available pastime activities with them. Just think about what you mean to them and let the happiness and thankfulness guide your way. And if you want to do something truly special for them for the holidays, aside from spending meaningful time together, think about the possibility to make a memory journal of their life. You can ask your parents for help. They will definitely love this.

You’re not alone in your busy life. People have a ton of stuff to deal with on a daily basis, which is precisely why the important things, things that make you happy and grateful for being alive, can somehow slip unnoticed. Precisely because these situations will happen, take every opportunity to enjoy the gift of your family. Family is home; they will always welcome you with their arms open and accept you for who you are. And it’s too sad that some people don’t have that or forget and go through life with a wall around their heart. But just like sadness is a real thing in this world, happiness is too, always finding its way to you through your loved ones.

Show your siblings just how much they mean to you

Not everyone is lucky enough to grow up with siblings. If you have a big family, make sure to let your brothers and sisters know just how truly grateful you feel for having them in your life. It’s rather easy to let the memories overwhelm you, as you go down the memory lane with your siblings. After all, you have the power to wake up the children in you and relive all the most exciting moments of your childhood. In a way, your siblings are your best friends. Best friends who share a piece of your soul. At this point in life can you even imagine living your days without them by your side? No? Then tell them that. Of course, when it comes to siblings, you always rely on having fun together and taking action to enjoy your bond. But the fact that things really need saying, just for the sake of sharing that moment of bond and happiness, is not going to change. Be proud of your emotions – the love you have for your siblings makes you twice as blessed.


This is the last post from me for 2018, but I shall be back in 2019. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


Stella Van Lane